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14 Bathroom Touches That Will Wow Visitors

14 Bathroom Touches That Will Wow Visitors

Bathrooms: for some reason, when we’re having company, this is one of the rooms we fret about most. After all, it’s more than just a place to take care of business.

When staying in a hotel, we expect the best of the best when it comes to the bathroom experience. From air fresheners to toiletries and fresh towels, we appreciate the extra touches that make us feel comfortable in this space.

When entertaining guests, it only seems fair that we go the extra mile to allow them the same level of five-star comfort they would receive at a luxury hotel.

Wow Your Visitors With these Bathroom Touches


Here are a few bathroom touches that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits your home:

1. Get Creative With Custom Cabinetry

Why settle for standard, every-day cabinets when you can create your own? Designed and built specifically for your bathroom and storage needs, custom cabinetry sets the bar high.

Your guests will notice and you can keep your bathroom clutter-free!

Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about not having enough storage space, which eliminates clutter.

2. Take Care of Cold Feet

No one likes getting out of a relaxing shower and walking across the cold floor with bare feet–especially during the winter.

Heated flooring is a sure way to impress visitors and make them feel ultra cozy. If you think this is something you might want to consider, keep in mind that it usually works best with tile, but it also pairs well with alternatives like faux marble and faux hardwood.

3. Warm Up Some Luxury Towels

When preparing for visitors, make sure you invest in high-quality towels.

As you’re towel shopping, a general rule to stick to is: the thicker and heavier, the better. Be prepared to splurge a little bit. It’s worth it.

If you really want to pamper your houseguests, you can even throw in a towel warmer. Whether you purchase one that functions as a towel rack or sits on top of the bathroom counter, there is simply nothing as sweet as warm towels after stepping out of the shower.

4. Heated Toilet Seat

Are you noticing a trend?

When it comes to the bathroom, you can never go wrong when you heat things up. Heated toilet seats are definitely something that you don’t see everyday in a home so this is a luxury touch that will definitely impress your visitors.

5. Steam Shower

If you’re confused as to what this is–think of it as a mini steam room that comes with a lot of possible health benefits. The humidity from steam showers has been said to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and even reduce stress.

It’s also great for promoting skin health and clearing congestion (not to mention super cozy and relaxing).

6. Soaking Tub

Allow your visitors to experience spa-like relaxation through the deep waters of a soaking tub.

Feel like taking the experience to the next level? Leave out some candles, bath oils, and lavender-scented soaking salts. Lavender is known to stimulate relaxation and calm. Dimming the lights will allow your guests to unwind in ways they may not have time for at home.

Full disclosure: your guests will probably be calling you every time they’re in the mood for a staycation. If you go this route, make sure you really like them.

7. Double Sinks

More than likely, if you have visitors coming to stay with you, they’re not coming alone. Double sinks are convenient and they can also help to avoid a lot of extra clean up when houseguests leave.

If visitors are brushing their teeth, shaving, washing their faces, and doing makeup over the same sink, they’re probably also fighting for mirror time. Things can get messy really quickly. Save yourself the trouble and get two.

8. Fresh Flowers

There’s something about fresh flowers that just brightens up any room. This a great way to show your visitors they’re important to you.

They smell great and look beautiful, simultaneously communicating to your visitors that you’re willing to go above and beyond to make them feel at home.

9. Bidet

These aren’t extremely common in the U.S., but those who have them love them. Not only will you impress visitors by having something unique and new to try, bidets also come with ton of benefits–both personal and environmental.

10. Skylight

There are so many perks that come along with natural lighting. Not only is it great for aesthetic, it’s also great for your mental health.

During the winter months especially, never underestimate the power of a little Vitamin D. You (and your guests) will feel better on the inside and on the outside.

11. Extra Toiletries (especially if your visitors are flying)

Keeping necessities like razors, cotton balls, q-tips, shampoo, conditioner, feminine products, and body lotion on hand is a great way to show guests that they are important to you.

This is extremely helpful for out-of-town guests who may be flying in and have limited luggage space.

For an extra-luxe staycation experience, you can even leave out a face mask or sugar scrub. Your houseguests will feel like they’re getting even better than five-star treatment.

12. Themed Decor

Impress visitors and houseguests with matching, themed decor. This can include anything from hand towels, rugs, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and more.

Try to use these decor pieces minimally when this bathroom is not in use. If this is a room you and your family use all the time, consider setting aside a special set of decor that you pull out just for visitors.

Whatever theme you choose, it should mesh nicely with any additional guest towels and other added touches.

13. Magnifying Mirror

Whether this is sitting on the counter, or installed in the shower, it’s one of those extra perks that makes all the difference. Consider purchasing a magnifying mirror that has LED lights for extra easy visibility. Personal care becomes a breeze with this handy gadget.

14. Statement Chandelier

There’s no better way to catch your visitors’ attention than with a statement piece.

From modern and geometric to glamorous and sparkling, a statement chandelier creates a focal point, drawing the eye upward and making any room appear larger and more put together.

If you would like to upgrade your bathroom floors, cabinets, decor, and more, the design experts at Windows Floors & Decor can help you create a space that is sure to wow guests!

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