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3 Ways to Update Your Home This Spring Season

Decorating Your Home

Winter is on the way out and spring is coming fast. That means spring cleaning, but the seasonal change also offers an ideal time to update your home with a spring renovation. You already know Windows, Floors & Décor has all your best options in windows, floors, and décor, so read on for our tips on how to update your home for the season.

Window Treatments

Since windows take up a large percentage of your walls, updating your window dressings is one of the easiest ways to update a room. Even just changing the color of the shades you hang in your living room can feel like a huge change. Choose an on-trend color for 2018—like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet; or, if you’re not quite that bold, a softer lavender or lilac—for the greatest impact.

From shades, to shutters, to horizontal and vertical blinds, we can take care of all your window needs. Beyond just aesthetics, we have options that increase your home’s energy efficiency, which will matter more as the temperatures start rising, and it’s always a good idea to get ahead when you can. Schedule a professional design consultation in your home or office and one of our design consultants will come to your home, analyze your needs, and give you personalized design recommendations that fit your space and your lifestyle.

Flooring Updates

Your floor is one of the largest areas in your home that you likely think about the least. If your floor is ready for an on trend update, spring is the perfect time to schedule a renovation. Schedule a consultation and we’ll bring a knowledgeable Kansas City flooring professional and a mobile showroom to your home or office, where you can look at thousands of options to satisfy your flooring needs.

If you’re not interested in changing your flooring, you can still update it by giving your carpets or hardwood a good deep clean. We partner with Bock’s Steam Star, they use natural specialty solutions to extract oils and soils, to leave your floors looking their best.

Décor Trends

Who doesn’t like adding more decorative accents to a room? From wall art, to statement rugs, to pillows and throws, these are the details that will turn a house into a home—or an office into a place you actually want to spend time in. We recommend choosing pieces that you truly feel a connection to, rather than choosing things that are trendy but that you’re not really in love with, but if you have no idea where to start, there’s nothing wrong with looking at what’s popular to get your bearings.

Spring 2018 is going outside of the usual pastel comfort zones, with designers recommending jewel tones and cozy fabrics like velvet. On the pastel spectrum, sage is the “it color” trending on Pintrest and Instagram, along with brass fixtures and organic accents.

For the biggest update, choose a piece (or several) of wall art as a focal point for your room or office, then find a coordinating rug, pillows and accent pieces (like a vase filled with decorative grasses). For a more utilitarian option, lighting fixtures can be functional pieces of art.

Go from spring cleaning to spring renovation and update your home for the season. If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a consultation with Windows, Floors & Décor, and we’ll help you beautifully design your space.

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