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4 Cozy Home Decor Touches


Looking to add some coziness to your home this fall and winter? You’re not alone. Whether you’re working with the main living area of your home, bedroom, or den —a few simple touches can add warmth and comfort to any space, big or small. Here are four easy, fun and budget-friendly, additions that you can snuggle up with this season.

4 Cozy Fall and Winter Home Decor Touches

1. Large Throws

There’s a reason most shops move the throw blankets to the center aisles when the weather starts to cool down. What better way to wind down from a long day than with a brand new—preferably soft, warm and fluffy—throw blanket. Just don’t forget a mug of hot apple cider and your favorite tv show.

When shopping, look for a throw that matches or complements your current home decor. Our favorite trends right now for throws include large blankets made with chunky yarn and luxurious cashmere blend throws.

2. Modern Shag Rugs

Let’s face it—a perfect rug can make all the difference when it comes to cozy home decor. Shag is an ideal choice for this look because the longer pile keeps your feet warm and gives off chic winter vibes. Modern shag rugs are extremely popular right now, so whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or contemporary and geometric, your perfect rug is out there somewhere.

If shag isn’t your thing, try incorporating a rug in one of this season’s trendiest colors: navy blue, maroon, burnt orange, or mustard yellow.

3. Soft Lighting

Otherwise known as mood lighting—this is perhaps the most effective addition for achieving a cozier home aesthetic. One of our favorite ways to incorporate this? String lights. Extremely versatile and easy to integrate, string lights are a big trend right now. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors is virtually endless. Perfect for your home, apartment, dorm room—even your outdoor space—there is so much to love about this simple and easy decor accent.

In the bedroom, drape a string of lights across the back of the bed frame or canopy. In the kitchen, skip the chandelier and hang some lights above the table. You can even use them to frame a picture or art display to create an accent wall. The list goes on and on. A suggestion: Keep string lights off and use regular lighting until it gets dark out. When you’re ready to snuggle up with your big, warm blanket at the end of a long day, you’ll enjoy the cozy, mood lighting that much more.

4. Large Throw Pillows

If you’ve done all of the above and you still want to add more comfort to your home this season, we have something else for you. To really take things to the next level, we suggest adding a couple of large throw pillows. After all, what better way to get ‘snug-as-a-bug’ than with a big, comfy pillow? You can even get them covered in fur, for a contemporary look. Next to a large, warm throw blanket and some mood lighting—this combo is the picture of all things comfortable and cozy.

If you are looking to redesign your space but aren’t sure where to start, schedule a design consultation with the professionals at Windows Floors & Decor in Kansas City today!

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