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4 Tips for Using Patterned Carpet in Your Home

Patterned Carpet Tips

New carpeting can create an updated look in any room, adding a little extra charm. There are so many decisions to be made, though. What type of carpet do you want? What carpet length do you want? Loop or cut loop? What color do you want? Will it match your current decor? Or, do you want a pattern? Patterned carpets allow you to add some extra personality to your home, but it can be difficult to figure out what type you should choose. The wrong pattern can easily ruin the look you were trying to create. So, how do you know which patterned carpet is right for you? We’ve compiled a few key tips for how you can incorporate patterned carpet in your home.

#1. Go for Subtle Patterns

It is very easy to get lost in the wide selection of carpet patterns. Busy patterns, those with a lot of movement or a plethora of colors, can take a lot to process. Having to take in so much on the floor creates the illusion that the room in which they are placed are smaller than they truly are. Subtle patterns are much easier on the eye, and the right ones can actually make rooms appear larger than their true measurements, creating an open, welcoming atmosphere.

#2. Single Tones Are Best

When choosing patterns, single tones or tone-on-tone are best. Single tone patterned carpets are those that are one color with a pattern created in the carpet by using a mixture of cut and uncut loops or different lengths of cut loops. A single tone gives you the greatest decorating freedom, as you are not locked into a specific color palette.

Tone-on-tone carpets are made of a single color, and the pattern is made up of slightly lighter or slightly darker tones of that same color. This type of pattern also allows creative freedom when it comes to decorating. Either type of pattern offers just enough to be visually interesting without overwhelming the eye.

#3. Keep it Simple

Even if you do choose a carpet that has patterns in different colors, your best bet is to keep it simple. Too many patterns, too much movement and even too many colors can create a sense of chaos. Your eye has no where to focus. The room can look disorganized, especially if the decor doesn’t match completely. Speaking of decor, a busy carpet can be a nightmare to decorate or redecorate around, especially if you want to change the feel of the room in which the carpet sits.

#4. Unexpected Pops of Color

Unexpected pops of color are in style right now. A mostly single tone carpet with a sudden area of color is visually interesting. It can draw your eye to a certain part of the room. It doesn’t overwhelm you, nor is it boring. Sudden pops of color allow you to add a unique touch to your room and express your personality. Since the carpet doesn’t have a specific pattern, you are much more free to decorate as you please.

When choosing a new carpet, you don’t always have to pick a single color. Patterns can express your personality. But they can easily overwhelm. When done right, a patterned carpet can add just the touch you were looking for and make any room look great. Ask your Windows Floors & Decor rep about all the different types of carpet patterns that are available. They can help you make the right decision for your home.

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