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4 Ways to Embrace Your Open Floor Plan


Open concept floor plans allow you to use the area however you want, but the lack of “rules” (and walls) can lead to confusion and paralysis of your creative designing mind. So, how to get past the indecision and make an open floor plan decorating plan? We’re here to help!

1. Create Practical Spaces

First, decide which spaces you want to utilize. This strategy involves being brutally honest with yourself about how you live: if you eat in front of the TV or computer and your only experience with a kitchen table is using it to stack junk mail utilizing your open floor plan means you’re no longer obligated to keep that space as a dining area. (Who said you needed a dining room anyway?)

This holds true no matter what your situation is. Don’t own a TV? Spend all your laptop time at the dining room table? Do all your reading in bed? Make your space work for you and reflect your lifestyle.

2. Break it up by Designating Spaces

Separate ample open space into smaller spaces by using area rugs and blocking these areas from each other with a couch, bookshelf or another large piece of furniture. You can also reinforce the idea that the spaces are separate areas by color coordinating within each area: a white couch with a lavender rug and accent pieces for the “living room” contrasted with a dark wood dining room table and mint accents in the dining area.

3. Create Multipurpose Areas

Open floor plans are ideal for using different areas for multiple things, like a kitchen table that becomes a work desk after breakfast is cleaned up. Put up bookcases or use built-in shelving to make that TV centric living room your own personal library.

4. Express Your Individuality

A feature of most open floor plans is to focus on one wall as an accent to display family photos, art, or other wall decorations. Use this wall to express who you are and draw the focus across the room. You can also decorate with colorful lamps, throws, pillows, rugs and accent furniture. Our partner SURYA has a ton of fantastic decor options for all tastes and color palettes. An open floor plan is one of the most customizable features of any house, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of the space and beautifully decorate it.

Whether you’ve decided to separate your furniture into dedicated spaces, or to ditch one or more of these conventional rooms, finding the finishing touches to decorate your open floor plan is almost easier said than done at Windows Floors Décor, where we have a one-of-a-kind selection of premium décor for your open floor plan. Let’s get decorating!

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