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5 Home Remodeling Ideas to Try This Spring


What do you do when you’re done with your spring cleaning already but there’s still some spring left? We recommend trying some home remodeling ideas to update your house for the year to come—and increase your property values!

Home Remodeling Ideas You Need to Try This Season

These remodeling updates can accommodate a wide range of budgets and make a big impact on the appearance and value of your home.

1. Replace Your Flooring for a Brand New Look


The biggest return on your investment begins with letting go of a little cash up front. Out of all the wonderful flooring options we offer, nothing compares to our hardwood floors. While the initial price tag will be a bit high compared to other options, hardwood floors can last decades, or even centuries, if properly maintained. If you genuine hardwood is a bit out of budget, consider getting a similar look by choosing from one of our excellent engineered wood options, or even laminate. Laminate won’t have the warmth and texture of hardwood, but it will fit a similar aesthetic and has a lifespan of 10-30 years, and engineered wood products can last significantly longer.

Tip: Try an app to see what your new floors will look like before you buy. There are many “augmented reality” apps available for both iOS and Android that allow you to take a picture of a room and then try different flooring, wall and furniture treatments!

2. Add Built-In Storage


If you have stairs in your house, you have unutilized space! Smaller homes often repurpose that space by building a cupboard or closet under the stairs, but try thinking bigger than that. Remove the side walls and add beautiful shelving for books or collectibles; if you have a floating staircase, add floating shelves and lighting; you can also remodel the stairs to lift up and give access to cubbies underneath the steps. Pull-out drawers are great for shoes or seasonal winter gear. If you want to you get fancy, make your very own wine cellar tucked right underneath your staircase. Looking for a small, quiet place for your little ones (or yourself)? Change that storage space under the stairs into a reading nook or a cozy corner!

Tip: Get under the stairs, clear out the cobwebs and think about what you can do with another dozen square feet of space. It doesn’t have to be a lot at first but once you get started, the only limit is your imagination.

3. Bring in Updated Accent Furniture and Décor Pieces


The easiest way to update a room is by swapping out the old accent furniture and décor pieces for new ones! Popular colors for 2019 include mustard yellow, navy blue, burnt orange and all shades of green. Add an rug in an unexpected hue color for a pop of color to really pull the room together, hang some new art or a decorative mirror up on the wall, get a cozy throw for those chilly mornings before summer kicks into high gear, or try a new lighting solution and watch how fast it changes everything. If you’re trying to stretch your budget, focus on throw pillows—you can never have enough throw pillows!

Tip: If you need accent furniture, wall art, rugs, pillows, and throws, or lighting solutions, Windows Floors & Décor has you covered. We have everything you need to bring your home to life, from classic pieces to modern trends, in all the hottest colors!

4. Add Wainscoting


Used by the Dutch as far back as the 1300s to keep plaster walls from being damaged, Wainscoting is a type of panel trim that extends partway up a wall, adding a look of colonial elegance while at the same time protecting the wall from scuffs and bumps. Wainscoting is easy to construct and install yourself, or you can install wainscoting that’s already fully assembled and ready to secure to the wall.

Wainscoting comes in many styles, from simple to intricate—we can guarantee there’s a pattern that would fit your home’s décor, or maybe inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and ease into a completely new style throughout your home. Traditionally made of solid wood, modern wainscoting is more likely to be made from plywood, plastic, or fiberboard. It’s typically used in areas where the walls are most likely to be accidentally damaged, so kitchens, foyers, hallways, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms are all good candidates, but there’s no denying the refined look of decorative wainscoting in a living room or an office. This decor element ranges in cost from fully custom to more limited styles in a ready to assemble kit and there’s an option available to fit most budgets.

Tip: Start small, like in the foyer, with a pattern you really like. Once you see it in action in your home, you’ll have a better idea of whether wainscoting is something you want to add in more rooms or if you prefer it in smaller doses.

5. Update the Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in the house, you probably spend the least amount of time in the bathroom, but it’s one of the rooms that makes the biggest impact on guests. Rather than going all out and replacing the tub, toilet, sink, floor, vanity, and fixtures, get a bigger return on your investment by simply re-caulking the tub and/or shower. Fresh, new grout will look better on tile than faded, old grout—and if you’re not in the mood to redo it, deep-cleaning will go a long way toward improving the aesthetics of your bathroom. Finally, consider a new paint job. This one simple update can add drama, lighten the room up, add a pop of color or pull focus to a new piece of décor.

Tip: Choose a piece of artwork for a bare wall. Use one of the colors in the piece of artwork to inspire your choice of drapes and another color to match the bathroom trim!

Whether you decide to do an intensive remodeling project, a simple update, or just start out slow and see what ends up happening, Windows Floors & Décor is here to help you remodel your home for spring! Contact our design experts today.

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