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5 Laundry Room Updates to Take It From ‘Meh’ to ‘Wow!’

5 Laundry Room Updates To Take It From ‘Meh’ To ‘Wow!’

Just because it’s called your laundry room doesn’t mean it should remain utilitarian. In fact, there’s a rising trend now of sprucing up this often neglected section of the house to make it showcase worthy. This is especially true if your laundry area is not separate, but rather a fixture in your kitchen. You don’t want an eyesore when you bring in guests, do you? We’re listing out some quick —yet stylish!—ideas on how to update your laundry room.


This is a budget-friendly way to doll up your laundry room without breaking bank. If you have a small area, painting the walls white would make it seem bigger. Another trick used by condo units is to place large mirrors in the room. There are no rules here. You can even opt for fun wallpaper instead of paint.

Storage and floating shelves

You can retrofit cabinets in your laundry area. This will help clean up the clutter. However, if the area is small, you can try floating shelves or metal hanging shelves or wall mounted shelves that you can buy in retail stores. That should save you some money on carpentry. They are also very easy to install.

Another cute idea is to add a folding table into the room. This can be quickly built with a piece of board or laminate affixed onto metal cabinet braces. The best thing is it doesn’t take up much space while you introduce another dimension to the area.


Nobody really thinks about putting a painting, quilt or sculptor in the laundry room, but this is the best way to make this area unique. It’s a good conversation piece if there are guests in the house. Some people do think of the laundry room as their refuge, especially if there are noisy kids in the house. The hum of the washer and dryer can be very calming. So why not go the extra mile and design the space like a spa?

Mood lights

Going back to the spa-like atmosphere, strategic placement of lights can immediately create a mood without spending too much. If you have natural light filtering through the laundry room, proper use of ambient light will immediately transform the space. Can or pot lights that shine directly on the washer can be a good idea, dimmers, or lamp. How about a chandelier?

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of luxurious options that are not only durable and waterproof but you can even install it yourself in a day. Choose a natural wood print or even a bright pop of colored “tile” to instantly upgrade the space.

Those are just five quick laundry room updates that you can try on your own even without hiring a professional. You can make this DIY project with your spouse and kids, which saves money and serve as another bonding activity as well.

Don’t want to go this project alone? No worries! The design consultants and vinyl flooring experts here at Windows Floors & Decor are just a click away!

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