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5 Tips to Elevate Your Floor’s Style Game


To your friends and family you may be the object of envy, living in a nice roomy home.  While spacious rooms are to die for, they can also create a big of a design conundrum. Expansive floor space can become a visual prairie if not styled correctly. So, how do you make the floors in a cavernous room feel stylish and exciting? There are several design solutions that can add visual interest to large floor space. Here are some interesting ways to make these large spaces work:

1. Utilize Statement Flooring

Statement flooring is a great way to add a little personality to a space. The idea of statement flooring seems a bit bold, but incorporating this design element will give your home some awesome character. Unique flooring is an excellent option for people who have a minimalist, modern taste in furniture because the floor speaks for itself and very little else is needed to attract the eye.

Examples of Statement Flooring:


2. Use Area Rugs to Define Niches Within the Room

Use complimentary area rugs that can provide attractive visual spaces within a large room. Use one to define the living space and use another rug to create a sitting area, reading room, or game space. Make sure the rugs are in the same color pallet, and the textures compliment each other. There are tons of trendy rug choices making it easy to add some style to the floors in your home.

One creative solution to the large floor space challenge is carpet binding. This service allows the client to create their own area rugs by using scraps from their carpet installation. Carpet binding creates a perfectly sized rug for awkward, vacant floor space.  Custom carpet binding can save clients from wasting hours of time shopping endlessly for the right rug to fit a tricky space.

3. Try Different Types of Flooring in One Space


Another great way to break up a large space or just add some fun to your floors is to use two different types of flooring in certain areas. For example, if you have a large entryway with a lot of tile or hardwood, you can incorporate patterned carpet on your stairs or in an area adjacent to your entry way. There is something very important to keep in mind when you choose to install two types of flooring in one space. Do not use a loud print or tile design to cover a larger area; it can distract from other important elements of your space.

4. Add Unique Seating Options

One of the easiest solutions for a full floor space is the addition of whimsical pouf and floor pillows. Add a fun pouf and matching or complimentary floor pillow for instant space filler. These accent pieces add color and style, as well as a feeling of coziness in a large floor space. Ask your design consultant about our unique seating options from SURYA.

5. Keep Floors Clean

One of the most inexpensive ways to keep your floors looking awesome is to keep them clean. For hard surface flooring, we recommend mopping once a week and spot sweeping floors as needed. If you have carpet in your home, vacuuming once or twice a week will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating.

Are you still not sure what you want to do with that open floor plan? Click below to schedule a design consultation with one of our Kansas City decor experts today!

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