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5 Tips for Turning Your Living Room into a Home Gym

5 Tips For Turning Your Living Room Into A Home Gym

The new year is finally here. And with the new year often comes the resolution to get in shape. But who has the time, or the money, to get to the gym? So, why not bring the gym to you? However, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the space to devote an entire room to a gym set up. Don’t give up on your resolution just yet! With a little bit of planning, you can turn your living room in a home gym, and still have it retain its original function as a room of relaxation, and get yourself into shape in no time.

#1. Plan the Space

Before you start moving things around, make a plan. A living room set up for yoga or Pilates is going to look different from a room set up for free weights or even for gym machines like a treadmill. Larger equipment will require you to get a little bit more creative as to how you want to arrange things or what you can fit. During the planning phase, it is also crucial to take measurements of your space.

#2. Draw it Out

Once you have the dimensions of the room, measure the furniture as well as the equipment you want or have. Make a sketch of the room and be sure to mark where any outlets are if you need them for any of your equipment. Create a few different layouts so you can see how much space you actually have and how things will best fit together.

While you’re making your drawings, be sure to take your specific needs into consideration. For instance, if you want to watch TV while you run, or have yoga DVDs you need to follow, make sure you organize your equipment accordingly. Or, if you want to hang a mirror to watch yourself while you use free weights, be sure to give yourself the space you need to move around.

#3. Create a Multi-Functional Environment

If your living room is to be used for two different purposes (working out and relaxing) make sure you create an environment that can accommodate both. Using colors can be especially helpful. Certain colors, such as a pale blue or green can create the relaxed atmosphere you need not only while you are actually relaxing, but also while you do yoga. And splashes of bright color can provide you with extra motivation for more intense workouts.

#4. Take a Look at Your Floor

Having a good floor is important to a good workout. After all, it is going to see a lot of activity. You want something that is going to provide both cushion and support while being able to withstand high traffic. If you want to keep your hardwood floors, and want to keep them beautiful, you may consider purchasing interconnecting rubber mats can be laid down for your workout and stored when not in use. Carpeting with a low pile and a good pad underneath can provide you with just what you need, and it can serve as both a workout floor and an invitation for relaxation. If you’re intent on having carpet in your living room home gym, check out our guide to understanding the different carpet lengths so you can make the best choice to suit your needs!

#5. Invest in Lightweight Décor

No living room, or home gym, is complete without décor. If your workout requires you to move things around, invest in lightweight tables and chairs. And if you have equipment to store, such as free weights or mats, look for multi-purpose furniture. Ottomans or coffee tables with storage space are wonderful, and they help you conserve space.

Keeping your New Year’s resolution and getting into shape shouldn’t be a challenge. If you are determined to stick to it, consider turning your living room into your very own personal home gym! And if you need help with your flooring, contact Windows Floors & Decor. Our flooring specialists will be happy to help you turn your living room into the perfect space for function and fashion.

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