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6 Benefits of Faux Wood Tile

6 Benefits Of Faux Wood Tile

Photo courtesy of Emser Tile. Featured tile: Woodwork™ in Salem.

Faux wood tile is porcelain or ceramic tile designed to emulate the beauty and texture of authentic wood. Your kitchen or bathroom can now appear to have the visually realistic warmth of wood flooring but with an added low maintenance feature. Choosing to install faux wood tile— whether it is for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or any part of your home – comes with a plethora of benefits.

#1. Maximum Durability

First of all, faux wood tile promises more durability compared to hardwood. Authentic wood undoubtedly adds beauty and warmth to any home. In the long run, however, it is quite prone to chips and scratches due to the inevitable wear and tear of daily foot traffic or occasional furniture re-positioning. Faux wood tile, on the other hand, is more scratch-resistant than its genuine counterpart. Thus, you can enjoy a brand new-looking floor for decades or perhaps even an entire lifetime.

#2. Easier to Maintain

Faux wood til is so much easier to maintain. Wood’s upkeep demands that it be routinely polished for that gorgeous shine. Faux wood tile, however, requires only spraying, wiping, mopping, sweeping or occasional scrubbing.

Since it’s not made of real wood, you’ll also be spared from the nagging issue of termite control, which can be a major hidden cost in hardwood flooring maintenance. To keep termites, ants and other pests attracted to wood at bay, faux wood tile is your best option.

#3. Moisture Resistant

This kind of tile is moisture-resistant, making it ideal even for the basement, kitchen, bathroom, or any part of the house that otherwise requires less exposure to moisture. Simply have the tiles sealed with grout to keep it water-resistant and free of mold.

#4. Helps Keep Things Cool

Tile actually aids in your home’s cooling and heating. While its warm appearance may be deceiving, it feels cool to the touch. On very hot days you can enjoy walking barefoot on its cooling surface. For colder seasons, you have the option of having radiant heating installed underneath the tiles. You may also have this done in your bathroom for that spa-like experience, wherein you can enjoy the warmth the moment you step out of the shower.

#5. Cheaper Than Hardwood

Faux wood tile is easier on the wallet. Its cost per square foot is but a mere fraction of the price of authentic hardwood. It also requires no refinishing, thus making it low-maintenance and more affordable.

#6. Allows for Personal Style

More than just being the practical option, faux wood tile can also offer plenty of room for your creativity and imagination. Using different-sized remnant, you can create unique layouts and patterns, such as herringbone, brick or staggered designs. And since there are no hard and fast rules to using tile, you can even add faux wood to your walls or backsplashes for a timelessly natural look.

If you want the rustic charm of wood flooring sans the high cost and maintenance, look no further. Thanks to faux wood tile, you can have the aesthetic appeal of solid hardwood for a fraction of the price.

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