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An Overview of Minimalist Decor: How to Do it the Right Way


By now, we have all heard the terms, ‘minimalist’ and ‘contemporary living’ but we may have been positively disenchanted you with the thought of living in a home that feels cold and bland. The term ‘minimalist home decor’ in and of itself seems like a contradiction, but we promise you it is the key to a happier home.

This trend has really come to the forefront of people’s minds within the past five years and we’ve been seduced by plenty of the major European design retailers.

Ikea is one in particular that came to blow our minds with clear perspex chairs, boxy wooden furniture, and overall clean designs; but as it stands, minimalism itself has been a concept that has been developing all the way since the end of the nineteenth century.

The modernist art movement paved the way for furniture designers to play around with a more simple geometric design and it’s undeniable that symmetrical, simple designs can be both eye-catching, satisfying, and functional.

It can be a daunting thought to strip back your home to the bare minimum but minimalist decor doesn’t have to mean ‘bare’ and ‘empty’ but rather, curated, crafted, and intentional.

If you’ve been striving for a new concept for your home, that involves minimalist decor then there are some ways to create a contemporary space with a little dash of style and a sprinkle of character without leaving your home feeling like an empty matchbox.

So grab some tea, get comfy on your couch and bask, for the last time, in your cluttered, outdated living space, and learn how to bring your home up to speed with this long-standing trend.

Hide Away and Throw Away (or Donate)

 organized-closetDecluttering is naturally the first thought when embarking on the quest for minimalism but let’s say at heart you’re a habitual hoarder; or perhaps you’ve just gathered plenty of things that mean a lot to you and it’s not always easy to clear out and throw away these possessions. We totally get it.

The key to minimalism is to see less out on surfaces around the home but this doesn’t mean they have to be donated or recycled, it just means that you must rethink your storing strategies.

Start by better organizing and utilizing your current storage space. This includes all cabinets, drawers, closets, and even that empty space under the bed.

There are tons of great storage solutions out there that can help you tuck the clutter away.

You can also opt for functional furniture such as storage ottomans, they’re great for storing all of those things you don’t need to use every day leaving the rest of your house can be blissfully Hygge- like!

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a basement or an attic, place items that are cluttering up your space into labeled boxes. Let go of the items you know you won’t ever use, because let’s face it, we all have that heavy cumbersome (and ugly) vase that your aunt Mavis bought you in 1997.

After everything is organized, go through these storage spaces a few times a year and donate or toss the things you feel you no longer need.

Decluttering is incredibly good for the mind and soul. It helps your house become a lot more functional and your mind a little lighter!

Decluttering is incredibly good for the mind and soul

Incorporate Texture & Color

textured-throw-pillows-on-couchKeeping your textures minimal will also help enhance the contemporary feel of your home.

Make sure that you choose textures that do not contradict each other, they need to effortlessly marry one another, to show that you’ve truly grasped the concept of contemporary, minimalist living.

Your aim is to remain a competent professional in the art form! To determine which textures will work together, first think about where the textures will be implemented in your home.

You can play with texture using pillows, linens, throws, accent furniture, and even lampshades.

Don’t clash your colors, this is a no go when it comes to minimalist decor.

Accent colors are favorable, especially against a more plain white room, but make sure they aren’t too overwhelming.

Oranges, yellows, and pastel pinks and purples are four colors that can really intensify your decor, but use them sparingly, pick elements of color rather than blocks.

Add an orange and white patterned cushion, or a light lavender but remember that muted colors propose a more soft and calming tone to a room.

Opt to put more muted tones on your walls, but remember that accent wallpaper is a great addition if you choose it wisely.

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What About Other Decorative Accents?

simple-decor-in-homeThere are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the extras you decide to put in the rooms of your home. The style of certain pieces will undoubtedly create an effortlessly contemporary look.

Now, if your house is still cluttered with these pieces, then you’ll be entirely missing the point of minimalism. So pick your pieces wisely and with intention.

As we mentioned earlier, larger pieces will be helpful for storage and can fill up space nicely without overcrowding a room.

It is important to space everything out in a room when going for a more minimalist look.

Keep space in between every piece of furniture and knick-nacks to make the room look and feel bigger.

Large free standing cabinets can also be great additions and add interest to your space.

Pick specific furniture pieces such as a leather couch, or a vintage chair instead of multiple items of furniture such as one large fabric sofa, two fabric chairs.

If you entertain a lot, you can use fold away chairs when guests come over and put them away once they leave.

The best accents enhance the space and don’t overpower it.

Look for items such as lamps and indoor plants to make your space cozier and more inviting.

Use warm light bulbs in your light fixtures in conjunction with candles, and fairy lights for a warm addition.

Plants can make a house feel more like a home.

Choose big chunky leafy plants or spider plants that can grow in low light. However, if you’re renowned to be a serial plant killer you can buy some cool cactus plants to add some green to your space.

Minimalist decor does not have to be boring or leave you with an empty heart…it’s actually pretty fun and fresh!


Flooring will be another element to look at on your quest for minimalism. If you have wooden floors, you can play them up with sensible, comfy rugs.

You don’t have to limit yourself to drab colored wooden floors, they come in an array of different textured floors, from faux slate floors, to onyx and stone, there’s plenty of ways to keep your flooring stylish but minimal!

If you have to have carpet, then you should look at keeping them monochrome so the floors don’t appear too fussy.

Carpets can feel cozy and insulating but remember that carpets with bold patterns or intricate designs will be very distracting for the eye and you’ll immediately lose your sense of minimalism for the room.

What About The Walls?

Don’t overcrowd your walls; pick one piece per wall or one piece per room, to stop any suffocation.

Again, think monochrome when choosing artwork, it’s going to convey the most amount of simplicity.

Interesting pieces of monochromatic art can be easily found at flea markets, thrift stores, local markets and of course a lot of modern designers and avant-garde artists have created pieces that are well suited for you.

Monochrome art or photography can look beautiful, find pieces that resonate with you personally and ideally, look for local designers to support. The content of your art, as with everything already mentioned, can be subjective – if you enjoy portrait photography, there is nothing wrong with having a photo of someone’s face on your wall, but certain artists may not capture the right design.


monochromatic-living-room-floor-lampKeeping all your furniture and decor accents at a similar height will be very beneficial in achieving the minimalist look because it appears incredibly neat, tidy and geometric.

Create defined lines, purposeful curves and flat surfaces to promote a sleek, orderly atmosphere. It is the perfect aesthetic, it’s calming and satisfying to see everything in alignment and well in its place. Lines will be your friend and you’ll soon find your level with finding what works and what doesn’t.

Horizontal handles, vertical ceiling lighting square/rectangular rugs will bring immaculate order and style to a bland, disorganized room. There is no harm in playing with height. If you have a tall freestanding lamp next to a small, unobtrusive chair, that’s perfectly OK.

If you have a coffee table that is sitting lower than your couch, that is also OK, as long as it is well-spaced out – height changes can bring a little diversity as long as you maintain the other rules of thumb.

So with all the above being said, are you ready to tap into this new design and yield all of the above tips to create a calm sanctuary? Are you intrigued by the idea of cozy minimalism, tidiness and style?

There are so many ways to make your house feel like a home, while still bringing minimalist decor into effect. We’ve covered all the major points, but now it’s time for you to work out your plan of attack!

Play around and make mind maps, as well as gaining inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram; gathering images and pinning them for inspiration. It’s time to get creative, your home is your haven, why not make it a minimalistic one!

Need help starting your new decor journey? Contact the experts at Windows Floors & Decor for a design consultation today!



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