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Are You Vacuuming the Right Way?

Are You Vacuuming The Right Way?

For many of us, vacuuming isn’t something that we put a lot of thought into. You move a few shoes and toys out of the way, run your vacuum over the carpet a few times, and voila! The carpet is clean – or at least you hope so. If you have never given a second thought to the way that you vacuum your floor, here are five tips that will ensure you get your carpet clean every time you pull the vacuum cleaner out.

1. Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner is Top-Notch

Not everybody can afford to run out and buy a new top-of-the-line Dyson, but you can make sure that the vacuum cleaner you have is in working order. Changing your vacuum bag or canister and cleaning your filters regularly will both prolong the life of your vacuum, and give it the most powerful suction possible. Without good suction, your vacuum will miss particles that aren’t right on top of the carpet, and over time your carpet will begin to look old and dingy.

2. Use Your Vacuum Attachments Every Time You Clean

From the angled nozzle that is perfect for edges to the nifty stair attachment, the handful of attachments that come with your vacuum really are good for more than just taking up space in your closet. These simple tools can make vacuuming so much easier, and you’ll be able to vacuum under coffee tables and rocking chairs without having to move them – or worse, not vacuuming under them at all.

3. Consider Sweeping First

When your three-year-old has left a trail of graham crackers across the entire living room floor, you might want to sweep up the larger pieces before you vacuum. This will reduce the wear on your vacuum and keep the vacuum bag from filling up too quickly. And vacuuming large pieces isn’t good for your carpet, either – you could inadvertently end up grinding them deeper into the carpet, and after a few months those old food particles won’t smell very inviting any more.

4. Vacuum in Two Directions

In every room, run your vacuum lengthwise across the carpet and then widthwise. Not only will that give your carpet a lovely just-vacuumed look, it will also minimize the chances of snagging a loose thread, which could happen if you vacuum diagonally against the grain. It may feel like extra work to vacuum the carpet twice, but in the end your carpet will look nicer, smell better, and last much longer.

5. Use a Carpet Freshener from Time to Time

You shouldn’t need to use a freshener every day. But when you do, make sure to use one that will be gentle on your carpet and on your vacuum. In a pinch, you can even sprinkle a little baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming – just make sure to sift it lightly and evenly onto the carpet, rather than letting it drop in clumps that could be difficult to vacuum out.

With the proper cleaning technique, your carpet should last for many years. Keep these easy tips in mind next time you pull out your vacuum, and watch your carpet stay bright, fresh, and soft no matter how many muddy boots come tramping across it.

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