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Barefoot In The Boudoir: 6 Quality Bedroom Flooring Options


It’s estimated the average person will spend over 229,961 hours in bed. While not all these sleeping hours will occur in the bedroom, for most people, the majority of them will. Having a comfortable, welcoming space to lie down, relax, and sleep is vital to your health and happiness. A key element of this special space is the bedroom flooring.

If you are ready to upgrade the floors in your bedroom, getting to know some of the most popular options is beneficial. Keep reading to find out what some of the most popular options are!

1. Bedroom Flooring: Hardwood

This is a classic option for bedrooms and can work with almost any style from contemporary, modern homes to rustic farmhouses and more. You also have several options, particularly if you opt for unfinished wood.

You can stain the floor to match your color scheme and to create a unified design. If you want to save time, you can choose to use pre-finished hardwood.

There are several hardwood flooring options. Some of the most popular include walnut, maple, and oak, but you can also find more exotic woods for a more stylized look.

2. Laminate Flooring

bedroom-laminate-floorWith laminate, you can achieve the look of hardwood flooring for a much more affordable price. Laminate can also look almost identical to stone or ceramic without the high cost or difficult installation.

Laminate is offered in several textures and colors, allowing you to match it with the style and color scheme in your master bedroom. Higher quality brands of laminate flooring can easily pass for wood options, such as bamboo or teak.

3. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is popular for any room in the house, including the bedroom. With tile, you can add a splash of color and have a unifying design element in the space.

Keep in mind, while tile looks great, there are some who have a few complaints about this flooring. For example, it’s often cold and can be noisy. However, an easy remedy for this issue is to add area rugs to the space.

If you are using bold patterns and colors in your bedroom, tile is a smart flooring choice. You can use tile as an accent, or for creating a focal point in an eclectic or Mediterranean style bedroom.

4. Cork Flooring

This is an interesting option that offers a few new features to any space it is installed. It’s made of ground cork that has been shaped into tiles.

The flooring has a natural look and pleasant texture. It works exceptionally well with contemporary, minimalist styles. While cork flooring is most often seen in kitchens, it’s a good option for bedrooms, too.

One fun benefit of cork flooring is the springy, soft feel it offers, which contrasts the hard surface of stone or wood flooring. This is one reason it’s such a popular option for kitchens.

Also, cork flooring has sound buffering benefits. If you like a quiet space to sleep, this may be the best flooring option available. It’s also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Just like anything else, there are a few potential downsides of cork flooring you need to be aware of. For example, if you put heavy furniture on the flooring, it will leave permanent dents behind. The same is true for pet claw marks.

If the flooring is in direct sunlight from a window, it can fade. Also, while the name may imply otherwise, high humidity and water can cause it to potentially warp.

5. Bamboo Flooring

bedroom-bamboo-flooringSimilar to cork, bamboo flooring is another eco-friendly material. It can add a natural look to your bedroom.

While bamboo is, technically, grass, the flooring is stronger and harder than hardwood. That’s one reason it’s commonly used for cutting boards.

Bamboo is an attractive option for your bedroom, and the texture and grain of the wood can help the space feel more upscale and elegant.

6. Carpet

For years, carpet has been the go-to choice for bedrooms. It provides everything you want in your bedroom – warmth, a soft walking surface, and a lot of different style options.

It’s also more affordable than most of the other flooring options listed here. Carpet can deaden noise while providing the ultra-luxe feel that most people want.

You’ll find a huge selection of carpet, with each one being slightly different thanks to the way it is made.

You can also find an array of materials, ranging from practical cotton to luxurious wool, and even synthetic fibers. When choosing the carpet for your bedroom, make sure to consider the fiber durability, and stain resistance. Typically, natural fibers are going to stain more easily than synthetic ones.

Finding the Right Bedroom Flooring

When it is time to choose bedroom flooring, there are more than a few options to consider. For most people, the choice will depend on budget and preferences; however, each of the options above is a viable choice.

Keep in mind, when choosing flooring, you will also have to have it installed. The good news is, you can have professionals handle this for you, giving you peace of mind that it’s done properly the first time.

For more information about bedroom flooring, or other home decor options, contact us. Our team of professionals will help you get the look you want for a price you can afford.

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