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Blinds: 6 Popular Choices Based on Your Design Taste

Blinds: 6 Popular Choices Based On Your Design Taste

Blinds are a top design choice when it comes to window treatments because of their sleek, modern appearance, energy efficiency, and unmatched ability to control the amount of light that enters a room. In many cases, blinds are being used in a ton of modern and traditional offices and homes across the country. Today’s blinds are available in more colors and styles than ever before, let’s take a look at some the most popular options on the market and see which blinds fit your personal taste in design.

Blinds for Your Personal Design Taste

Whether you prefer a natural look or want to go more industrial we have blinds that will work for you. Here are some of the most popular choices based on varied interior design tastes:

1. The Natural Look

Woven wood blinds can add warmth to any decor. Their screens create a textured balance of light, and the natural look of these blinds is extremely on trend right now. One of the big benefits of wood woven blinds is that they offer privacy, but do not obstruct the soft glow of sunlight from filtering into the room. Many people also opt to use these natural looking blinds on enclosed porches, sitting rooms, and patio areas.

2. Elegant and Stylish

Roman shades came into popularity around 2002 and are here to stay. Roman shades are solid layers of fabric that elegantly roll up into beautifully tiered folds. They are available in a wide variety of colors and materials that will compliment almost any decor.

3. A Classic Look for Smaller Spaces

Undoubtedly, vertical blinds are a classic choice and can be used on windows and doors to create a more private environment. Their vertical design creates a feeling of spaciousness so they are ideal for smaller areas with large windows. These blinks can let in or keep out as much light as you would like while providing some much-needed energy efficient insulation.

4. Laid Back and Functional

Horizontal blinds are one of the most commonly used types of blinds. They can be customized to fit small or large windows. You can easily control the amount of light you let into your home by manually adjusting the blinds. These blinds can be made from wood, aluminum, plastic or fabric.

5. Energy Efficient and Easy to Use

Honeycomb blinds are extremely energy efficient. Their design traps airflow which acts as an insulator during the cold winter months and blocks excessive heat from entering the house in summer months. Some honeycomb blinds have a special metal core that helps further increase their energy-saving capabilities. You can choose to have mechanized honeycomb blinds or more traditional cord operated ones. Honeycomb blinds do not offer as many material or color choices as their counterparts, but they make up for that with their ability to save on energy costs.

6. Effective and Modern

Roller shades roll up and become virtually invisible if you want to completely let the sun into your home or office. Some roller shades block out the harmful UV light while still allowing you to see through the blinds. They can provide privacy without obstructing views. Roller shades are also a popular choice for those who are looking for the option to completely block out light but do not like the look of blackout curtains.

When picking blinds for your windows, you must analyze your home or office decor and the specific needs of the space. Undoubtedly one of the blind choices listed above will be exactly what you are looking for. If you would like some guidance on your next home decor project, schedule a design consultation today!

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