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Cheap Carpet: What to Watch Out For

Cheap Carpet: What To Watch Out For

Carpets look extravagant. It instantly turns any place from plain and boring to classy and fabulous! However, it is important to understand that you should get what you paid for. It is best to understand details about your carpet to avoid cheap and inferior brands. To the untrained eye, there may not be much difference between cheap and high quality carpet. But, there’s more than what meets the eye. Learning to spot cheap carpet will certainly aid you in buying the best quality carpet available. Here’s what you need to look out for.

What are the Most Glaring Signs of Cheap Carpet?

Here are some of the important factors to watch out for to determine if a carpet is substandard:

Face Weight

This is by far the most obvious and easily observed. The face weight pertains to the ounce of fiber used for every square yard. This may simply mean that the heavier the carpet, the better its quality. Though this is generally the case, it is important not to solely rely on the weight alone.


Since you may already have lifted the carpet to determine its weight, it is best to feel its thickness. The carpet’s padding is responsible for this. Now, remember that “thicker is better” is not the case! You are now a step ahead of the rest who think that a thicker padding equates to a quality carpet. Know that thicker padding results in the carpet flexing too much. This only means that contrary to popular belief, when a carpet’s padding is too thick, then it is substandard. The carpet’s thickness should never go over 7/16 of an inch.

Fiber Density

This is another important factor to consider. Now, you are required to look very closely and not just feel the weight. Notice how the fibers are close together or far apart. The key is that all carpet fibers should be tightly packed and stitched next to each other. This is comparable to, say, the number of strands making up a rope. More strands mean a stronger, sturdier rope. The same rule applies to carpets. More fibers mean it is likely to stand the test of time and various abuses.

Cheap carpet will have what some would describe as “bald spots.” This may be a little difficult to spot; however, you need to ensure every inch of the carpet is examined with discriminating eyes. If a bald spot is seen, put it back and move on to the next and repeat the entire process with a new carpet. Who said carpet buying was an easy task?

How Can One Spot A Cheap Carpet Brand?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheap. A cheap and affordable carpet is tempting. However, it may not be well-made and the quality may be inferior. A cheap carpet brand may lack one or all the points mentioned above.

Carpets with utmost quality may most likely come with a steep price tag. This is considering the fact that more labor cost and raw materials are involved in the entire production. It is safe to say that a quality carpet is an investment.

There are also some brands that offer high quality carpets with a more affordable price tag. Seek the help of your friendly carpet expert to find which brands these are.

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