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Choosing the Right Carpet Color for Your Home

Choosing The Right Color Carpet Is Important

New carpet for your home is an investment that you will be living with for many years to come. With hundreds of different colors and shades available for your choosing, it can be a very difficult decision indeed. Read below for tips on choosing the perfect carpet color for your unique home!

Use and Traffic Level

Because new carpet can be an expensive investment, it’s important to understand how the carpet will change over time. Consider the use of the room you are installing your carpet in. For rooms with a high level of traffic (especially if kids or pets are involved), it is best to install a carpet color that will show less dirt and wear and tear. For such rooms, neutral colors like beige are very popular choices as are darker carpet colors, especially if the room is well lit to complement the darker colored carpet.

Sample the Carpet in Your Home

It is never wise to rely on in-store carpet sampling for choosing the right carpet color for your home. To understand how a new carpet will look in your home, it’s essential that you view a sample of the carpet in the intended room. Because of differences in lighting, wall color and furniture, viewing different carpet colors in your home will help you decide which color carpet best complements the theme or style of your room and how it is affected by the lighting of that room.

Be Patient and Trust Your Instinct

In choosing the right carpet color, be patient and sample a large variety of different colors. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you choose a color that you enjoy, so after sampling a variety of colors to match the walls, furniture and style of a given room, it is best to trust your instinct on which color you feel is best. It’s your home and you’re the one enjoying your new carpet every day, so pick a color that makes you happy!

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