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Common Carpet Buying Mistakes

Common Carpet Buying Mistakes

Buying a new carpet is a big decision, and it can also be an expensive endeavor. But your carpet is an investment and should last you many years. But by falling prey to a simple carpet buying mistake, it could cost you, not only financially, but emotionally as well. Here are a few common carpet buying mistakes for you to be aware of so you can avoid making them when you go to purchase your new carpet.

Buying a Cheap Pad

You’re already spending all of this money on the carpet, it’s understandable that you would want to skimp on other things. But the carpet pad is not one of these things that should be bought cheaply. Your carpet, and your feet, depend upon the quality of the pad, as it reduces the amount of wear on your carpet as well as provides a comfortable place to walk. Even though you can’t see it, make sure your carpet pad is a worthy investment as well.

Choosing Looks without Considering Function

You’ve spent a lot of time looking for the perfect carpet, but have you considered how it will function in your home? Sure, it looks great, but if you choose a soft, luxurious carpet in your living room and have several pets and young children, you are likely to see the fibers crushed very quickly. While the appearance of your carpet is important, you also need to consider your lifestyle, too, in order to ensure the best life for it. Check out our article The Best Flooring for High Traffic Areas to find the right flooring based on the amount of traffic the room will see!

Thinking Carpets are the Same Just Because They Look Alike

While you’re shopping for your new carpet, you’ll come across several types that look completely identical. However, just because they look the same, doesn’t mean they are. If you’re in the process of comparing prices at different retailers, make sure you look at more than just the look and feel. Make sure you find out what the carpet fibers are made of. Natural or synthetic fibers can make all the difference in the quality of carpet you choose!

Making the Wrong Calculations

While it can be helpful to calculate the square footage of the room, or rooms, that you’re planning on carpeting, there’s more to it than simply multiplying the length and width of the room. One of the most common carpet buying mistakes people make is not considering the width of the carpet roll or the pile of the carpet. If you do take your own measurements, be sure to give your numbers to a salesperson, who will be able to take all other considerations into account and get you a more accurate calculation.

Turning Your Carpet into a DIY Project

There are many types of flooring that are great for a DIY project, but carpet is not one of them. DIY projects are wonderful money savers, but unless you personally know a professional installer, you may seriously want to consider hiring a professional. You run the risk having a carpet that doesn’t look right, doesn’t hold up well and may even void a warranty if you install yourself. Hiring a professional is well worth the investment; your carpet will look clean and last for a long time. Many installers even guarantee their work.

Don’t make these common carpet buying mistakes. If you need help shopping for your new Kansas City home’s carpet, contact your local Windows Floors & Decor representative. You’ll get a free, personal consultation from a flooring expert whose primary goal is to save you money on quality, stylish carpet. Schedule your consultation today!

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