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Creative Ways to Use Galvanized Pails in Your Décor

Creative Ways To Use Galvanized Pails In Your Décor

You know how you introduce rustic charm into your home without spending a fortune? Four words—Galvanized pails and buckets. Here are just some suggestions on how you can utilize this popular fixture into your own interior design.

#1. Beer Bucket

For barbecues on the patio, there’s nothing like an ice-cold beer. Galvanized pails and buckets can immediately be transformed into your personal cooler. Just fill it to the brim with crushed ice and put the drinks inside. You can paint the bucket any color you want, or you can leave it in all its stainless glory.

#2. Flower Vase

People often associate flower vases with pottery or glass. But galvanized pails and buckets are equally as effective. They also add that vintage, farmhouse charm to your home. For instance, you can build your own vertical garden by nailing the buckets onto reclaimed wood. You can also use them to grow herbs in your kitchen. That way, they are easily accessible.

#3. Coffee Table

How about turning large galvanized buckets into a coffee table? Construction is pretty easy—you just put a slab of wood on top of the metal container, tint the slab with varnish or any wood stain, and voila! A chic and textured table that is instantly a conversation piece.

#4. Wash Tub

Instead of using a porcelain vessel sink, you can use a galvanized tub as your very own vanity set in the bathroom. Of course, it stands to reason that your bathroom has that farmhouse theme because it will stand out for the wrong reason when you have modern furnishings and fittings inside the toilet.

#5. Hanging Light Fixtures

This would be perfect on the patio or veranda. It’s quite easy to convert galvanized buckets into perfectly working lights. If anything, they can be a good conversation starter when you host a party in your home.

#6. A Wood Vessel For Your Fireplace

You don’t even have to do much with this head-turning décor idea. The trick is to find the galvanized pail large enough to hold firewood. It’s better to leave the original stainless color of the metal canister since new paint may crack from the heat coming from the fireplace.

#7. Front Porch Halloween Or Christmas Décor

There are many ideas on Pinterest on how you can convert your metal buckets into a front porch accessory come Christmas or Halloween. With pinecones, Christmas balls and tree lights, you can have a unique holiday centerpiece in your home.

#8. Magazine/Book Holder

Paint the bucket or simply use commercially available stickers to decorate the container and you immediately have your own book or magazine holder. You can put it under or beside the coffee table, above the fireplace mantel, or near your favorite nook under the standing lamp.

The beauty about the examples enumerated above is that they are all DIY projects. You can easily transform any galvanized pail or bucket into an accent piece to add character to your home. Plus, there’s no need to spend a fortune in order to do these. If you’re willing to get creative (which is something we can help with, too!), the sky’s the limit on the uses for galvanized pails and buckets in your décor.

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