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Decorating Living Room Walls in 5 Steps

Decorating Living Room Walls In 5 Steps

A room is never complete without something on the walls, but deciding what to fill an empty wall with can sometimes be a challenge. If you need a little inspiration in this area and aren’t sure where to start, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little less overwhelming. There are no rules when it comes to decor for your living room, but we’ve put together this list so you can decorate your living room walls like an interior designer.

5 Steps for Decorating Living Room Walls

If you are feeling a little lost when it comes to decorating the large wall space in your living room, we are here to help.

1. Pinpoint Your Style

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photo source: Evening Standard

The key to any decor project is to have a clear idea of what your style is, or what style you’re trying to achieve. Look for some inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and compile your favorites. Take note of what it is you like about each photo you come across.

For example, if the decor you’re drawn to has clean, sleek lines with small pops of color here and there — contemporary styles might be what you’re looking for. If you’re finding yourself drawn to a lot of woven wall hangings, lush plants, and vintage-inspired decor, maybe the bohemian aesthetic is right for you. If you’re looking at a lot of photos with neutral colors and natural wood with minimal decor and bright, natural lighting, the Nordic trend might be the way to go.

2. Start with a Statement Piece

Whatever you discover during your decor search—pinpoint the style, and start searching for a piece of statement decor that fits in with your interests. Statement items are a great way to give your eye a starting point to work around. When choosing decor that compliments a piece of living room furniture — like a couch, for example — just make sure it’s not placed at an awkward height and not longer than the furniture itself.

Simple statement pieces to incorporate:

  • Use a large mirror or a piece of art. This will make your room appear larger and tie the decor together with a focal point.
  • Incorporate an accent wall. Whether you use wallpaper or paint, this is a great way to make a bold statement to build the rest of your decor around.
  • Use statement lighting as a starting point. Large chandeliers or bold floor and table lamps can be a great starting point for tying together living room decor.

3. Build Around that Statement Piece

After you’ve fallen in love with that one statement piece, coordinate smaller decor items like framed pictures, or another piece of art around it.

All of these pieces and their frames should include a color that coordinates with the original statement piece. If metal decor is used, perhaps in a lamp, chandelier, or frame, the smaller items should be cohesive and not clash. If you want to create an Instagram-worth gallery wall, this is the way to do it.

4. Keep Decor to a Minimum Around Windows

The great thing about windows is that they are your decor, in a sense. Too much decor near windows can distract from outdoor views so the decor surrounding them should be minimal.

5. Trust Your Intuition

Above all else — go with your instincts. Ultimately, it’s your home, and you’re the one who will be spending the most time in it, so just do what feels right to you. Trust yourself, move things around, and go with what makes you feel good when you look at it.

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