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Our Favorite Fall and Winter Decor Trends

Our Favorite Fall And Winter Decor Trends

With colors, shapes, and patterns reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s, this year has had no shortage of bold, exciting and unique interior design trends. When it comes to fall and winter decor trends, flooring is being used in new ways and color is everything. With cooler months approaching, many of us are grappling with the realization that we’re likely going to be spending a lot more time in our indoor spaces-so, why not make those spaces look great?

2018 Fall and Winter Decor Trends

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fall and winter 2018 decor trends, sure to keep you feeling content until you see the first blossoms of spring in 2019.

Bold Colors

Non-neutrals are booming this year, allowing for fun and easy ways to make big, bold statements without being too over the top and gaudy.

One trend that’s got home designers talking this season is navy blue, a shade that’s commonly been referred to as the new neutral. This is an exciting option for those looking to add a little elegance and flair to their decor but are not keen on crazy patterns or bright colors. Incorporate this color easily with accent pillows, lamps, throws, and rugs. Risk takers can build the aesthetic by stacking multiple shades of navy or playing with another fun recent trend: velvet furniture.

Other statement shades on our color palette this season:

  • Maroon
  • Mustard yellow
  • Burnt orange

Velvet Furniture

This is a fall and winter trend that we absolutely cannot get enough of! Velvet fabric adds elegance and the right amount of quirk to upholstered furniture. Deep blue and maroon velvet seem to be the most popular choices this season followed closely by dark grey and emerald green. If you feel that a velvet piece of furniture is a bit much for your space, try adding velvet throw pillows to couches and chairs instead!

Faux Flooring

Faux flooring is a 2018 trend we are consistently excited about, and we believe this trend will persevere well into 2019. Gone are the days when marble and hardwood flooring were limited to only big budget interior design projects. You can now incorporate these famously expensive trends without the hefty price tag and meticulous upkeep. Faux marble and hardwood tile that look like the real thing are both great ways to add some sophistication and style to your interior space this fall and winter.

Another flooring trend that’s making a comeback this year is heated flooring. This trend speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love stepping onto a heated tile floor after a shower on a cold day? This one takes warm and cozy to a new level.


It’s no secret that lighting plays a huge role in the aesthetic of any room in your home. Often, it’s actually the most important element. That being said, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of our favorites from 2018.

Perhaps the simplest and the most effective on our list are Edison bulbs. These nostalgic, vintage light bulbs are huge right now, both in residential and commercial design projects. Easily identified by their long, winding internal filaments, these bulbs were originally made popular by Thomas Edison at the turn of the 20th century. Though the bulbs you’ll find on the market today are generally reproductions, they still achieve the same antique lighting aesthetic that the original bulbs are famous for. With a color temperature that is lower than today’s standard light bulbs, the lighting effect is romantic and warm, reminiscent of a fireplace or a sunset. Perfect for the chillier months on the horizon.

Other lighting trends:

  • Geometric chandeliers
  • Modern white lamp shades and posts

If you would like to incorporate these and other design trends into your Kansas City or Overland Park home, contact Windows Floors & Decor to schedule your design consultation today!

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