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5 Gorgeous Instagram Worthy Living Room Ideas

5 Gorgeous Instagram Worthy Living Room Ideas

From the clothes you wear to the tea you drink to the succulents you have on your window sill that you took an awesome picture of and got you 500 likes on Instagram everything is about aesthetic. Instagram has really turned the interior design world on its head. Instead of having five design magazines that come out once a month there are thousands of home decor pictures being uploaded by amateur and professional designers every day.

Five Easy Instagram Worthy Living Room Ideas

Here are five living room ideas that you can incorporate into your home and so you can finally use the #livingroominspo tag.

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors—Just Don’t Over Do It


Indoor plants don’t just look great—they can actually have an impact on how you feel, too. Of course, we all learned as kids that plants and trees are great for the air. Indoors, where we’re normally cut off from the benefits that trees and greenery have to offer, a few strategically placed plants can have a calming effect, aesthetically and otherwise.

Dragon trees are an easy and interesting choice if you are looking for a medium-sized plant option. Their long, thin leaves have a comforting look, and regardless of your decor, this is a tree that will look good in any setting. These trees are known even more-so than other plants for their air-cleaning abilities. The fact that these plants are extremely low maintenance doesn’t hurt either.

Small succulents are another great choice for bringing the outdoors into your space. These plants are extremely popular right now and for a good reason. They’re small and easy enough to maintain, but they also don’t overwhelm a space.

Low Key Functional Furniture in Interesting Colors


Some of the best living room themed pins, and social posts feature at least one piece of statement furniture. These aren’t always the most functional pieces, but they are almost always Insta-worthy. Whether it’s a velvet armchair in pink, a 70’s-style couch in green, or a navy blue footstool — have fun decorating around it to get that perfect shot.

Not ready for a statement couch? Stick with safe, neutral colors, but dip your toe in the water and add a couple of throw pillows with a trendy color or pattern.

Mad for Metal


Metal accents can be subtle or make a big statement. Whether you mix metals or stick with one, this is a trend that is a lot of fun to play with.

We suggest adding an interesting metal light fixture amongst neutral colors to create a cool, modern living room. Brushed gold and brass will allow you to bring in more color without being overwhelming. You can also bring in a metal side table or coffee table to add this trend to your living.

Flooring: The Foundation of an Amazing Living Room

Photo Source: nyde

Sometimes an amazing foundation is all you need to really create your perfect living room. Some of the most recent flooring trends have made it easier than ever to achieve attention-grabbing styles at everyday prices.

Some of our favorites? Faux marble ceramic tile isn’t exactly a go-to for the living room, but when it’s done right, it’s unforgettable. Marble is associated with beauty and luxury. This one is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re stepping into your favorite Pinterest board every time you walk in the door.

Another trend that will make the perfect addition to your Instagram highlight reel? Wide plank wood flooring. As part of the new Nordic trend,  this is a look that is both modern and minimalistic — giving you free-reign to design around it however you want. Wood floors are a classic, and this is one that you can most likely get multiple insta-worthy shots out of over the years – and add value to your home.

If you are wanting to upgrade your living room but aren’t sure where to start, schedule a design consultation with one of the experts at Windows Floors & Decor today!

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