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Home Lighting Trends We’re Loving in 2018

Home Lighting Trends We’re Loving In 2018

If your home is an extension of you, then your lighting is the perfect accessory to your look and lifestyle. And we all know that accessories can make or break the perfect look! Lighting is of those home accents that can effortlessly enhance the ambience of a room with the flip of a switch. With a new year comes new opportunities to improve, and that goes for your lighting, too! Let’s take a look at some home lighting trends we’re loving in 2018.

Luna Lamps

Because salt lamps are so 2017, the moon is where it’s at! These moon-shaped pieces of art glow and provide just the right amount of light to create an otherworldly ambiance in any room. They come in different sizes so that you can have more than one in different areas of your home. Luna lamps aren’t just light fixtures, they’re pieces of celestial art!

Brass Brass Brass

Brass is the metallic of the moment in table lamps and lighting fixtures. Whether it’s antique or born-again vintage, classic or contemporary, brass lends itself to a sensation of warmth and charm. Brass table lamps and lighting fixtures can enhance and complement nearly every style or theme of your room. Versatility and quality come together in harmony with brass for instant hygge appeal.

Bubble Chandeliers

Another pick in home lighting trends we’re loving in 2018 is the bubble chandelier. Now the look and feel of bubbles we all loved as kids has reached elevated levels of home decor! Bubble chandeliers are not only beautiful to the eye, but they each have a bubbly personality of their own. The gorgeous lighting and  the transparency of high quality glass add vibrant style and character to foyers or above the dining room table.

Moroccan Lanterns

From your living room to your bedroom, the exotic fixture of a Moroccan lantern can transform any room in your home, or revamp any corner of your room, in an instant. The one-of-a-kind nature of handmade craftsmanship immediately transport you to another world. We’re thinking an exciting adventure in the Saharan desert. Whether they hang from your ceiling or stand tall as a light stand or simply sit on a window sill, Moroccan lanterns have a unique ability to make you feel dreamy and ready for your next transatlantic adventure!

To learn more about home lighting trends we’re loving in 2018, contact Windows Floors & Decor for inspiration!

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