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How to Know if Your Kansas City Carpet Installer Did the Job Right

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Installing a new carpet is a serious financial investment not only because of the carpet cost but even the installation fee, which is why you should ensure that you get your money’s worth. Keep in mind that not all companies that provide carpet installation services can carry out a perfect job, especially if the technician sent to your house does not have enough experience. To protect your investment, it is best that you take the time to thoroughly inspect your newly installed carpet before the carpet installers even leave the house. Here are some tips that will help you know if your Kansas City carpet installer did their job well.

No Wrinkles or Folds

A well-installed carpet has a smooth surface – without wrinkles and folds. Examine the newly installed carpet for wrinkles or uneven surface without missing an inch. If you find even a tiny wrinkle, step on it to see what will happen. If the crease or wrinkle vanishes when you step on it then you don’t really have a problem. However, if the crease remains then it is a sign that your carpet installer did a poor job.

No Loose Edges on Walls, Doorways, and Stairs

A well-installed carpet does not have loose edges. When the carpet meets the walls, doorways, or stairs, it should be properly and securely tucked under the walls or perfectly glued on the stairs without any gap or frayed edges. The carpet should flawlessly cover the entire surface as if the walls, stairs, and doorways were built only after the carpet was installed.

Your Carpet is Stretched Taut

Run your hand on the surface of your carpet to feel if it is stretched perfectly and tightly or you can lie flat on your stomach and observe from that angle if the carpet has no buckles or ripples (otherwise known as carpet peaking). You can also try vacuuming a section of the newly installed carpet to see if it will stay stretched and not be lifted off by the vacuum suction. Ripples, creases or buckles are signs that your carpet was installed poorly.

Inspect the Overall Carpet Work

Give your newly installed carpet a final inspection, observing the work in its entirety. In addition to the specific work points earlier mentioned, use the following questions as well to guide you in assessing the overall carpet work: Is the carpet nap heading in one direction only? Is the carpet attached securely to the tack strips? Does the carpet look impressively good? An affirmative answer to all these questions means that you get what you paid for.

The above mentioned pointers are simple to follow and will help you immensely in ensuring that your carpet flooring is installed as it should. It is important to note, however, that you should carry out all these tips immediately after installation, even before you allow the installer to leave your home. This way, the carpet specialist can readily rectify the problem if there is any.

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