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What Should Be Included in Your Flooring Installation Quote

What Should Be Included In Your Flooring Installation Quote

When your flooring contractor gives you a quote, that document becomes the contract under which your floor is to be installed. A vague figure scrawled on the paper without a breakdown of where the final number is coming from can potentially lead to rather heated disagreements when the final bill comes back to be higher than the original agreed upon amount. In some instances, these disagreements can end in an unfinished floor and a court date. For these reasons, it is important that your installer provides you with a quote that covers more than just the flooring and the basic installation. Here’s what else should be included in your flooring installation quote.

Your Old Floor

Before your new floor can be installed, your old floor needs to be removed. If your installer is going to remove the floor and dispose of it, those costs should be written down. If you don’t see them, ask. You don’t want to be blindsided by the extra cost. Or, if your installer won’t take care of these things for you, you will need to find someone who will, or do it yourself.


Just as important as the floor itself is the subfloor. The subfloor provides structure, and holds your flooring firmly in place. Having your subfloor in good working order is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your new floors. If it needs to be fixed in any way, or replaced completely, these things should be accounted for. So, too, should any other type of modifications, such as a moisture barrier or soundproofing.


In order to get your old floors out and your new floors in, your moldings need to be removed. You can opt to keep your original moldings, but if they are old and you want them replaced, this needs to be discussed. Moldings are not included with new floors, as they are a completely separate entity. Your installer can place them for you, but you first need to decide what type of moldings you want so that the cost, and their installation, can be added in.


Check to see if the quote is based on the actual square footage of the room(s) in which you are having your new flooring installed, or if your installer is charging you for all materials, regardless of whether or not they are being used. If you are paying for any overage, find out if you will be left with spare tiles or slats in case you need to have a section replaced later on down the line.


Not all floors are finished when they are installed. If you have purchased unfinished flooring, your quote should include any sanding or finishes that are to be applied. It should also state which sealants will be applied and how much it will cost for the materials, as well as the labor.

Installation Guarantee

While not all installers offer a guarantee, most will. And if your installer does indeed have one, it should be included in the quote. After all, the quote is the legal contract between you and your installer, and if they promise a guarantee, it should be stated and therefore honored.

An installation quote is much more than just a figure stating the cost of the floor itself and the basic installation. This contract should include a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for so that there is no confusion when the final bill comes. And for reliable flooring contractors and installers, Windows Floors & Decor can point you in the right direction to get the floors you want with an excellent service experience.

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