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Keeping It Private: 5 Tips For Upgrading Your Bathroom Window Treatments


Trying to spruce up some of the decor in your bathroom? Do you want something visually appealing that still maintains some level of privacy? Fortunately, it’s not that hard to achieve this. We’ve got a handy guide below to show you how you can use bathroom window treatments to your advantage.

You might not think privacy and awesome visuals go together but they do when it comes to places like the bathroom!

1. Minimalism Is In for Bathroom Window Treatments

Depending on your decor taste, it is sometimes best to keep things simple. Modern decor trends are moving away from heavy window coverings and towards more simplistic shades that provide maximum privacy and functionality.

You can find a variety of window treatments that seem as if they aren’t even there for a clean look. Look for cellular shades that let the light in, but are opaque or invest in motorized blinds that can be controlled with a remote.

2. Use Soft, Natural Shades

bathroom-with-windowIf you’re living in a rural area, your privacy isn’t a big concern due to the distance of the houses – but you may still feel a bit exposed even if no one is around.

If the bathroom gets a lot of morning and full-day sun, you’ll need cellular shades. Put these beneath airy drapes in light colors. If you want to add more visual appeal you can track down drapes that have a bit of embroidery on them.

An alternative to the soft shades is to make a cleaner, more organic feel for your window treatments. To accomplish this, you’ll need to use natural fiber shades. If you want to add extra design touches, use grasscloth wallpaper to make your space serene and modern.

3. Pick Current Colors

For fabric window treatments, you can use a contemporary tone. Right now, you won’t go wrong using terracotta shades. Mix it with greens, blacks, and golds, and you’ll have a great-looking bathroom.

Cotton fabric prints are great for mixing, especially when they are on a window treatment. If your bathroom isn’t that big, you can use light, cool colors. This makes your bathroom look bigger and brighter, especially if you live in an area where the sun isn’t as prevalent.

For larger bathrooms, you can use dark, warm colors for an inviting, cozy look.

4. Measure Your Windows

Before you start hanging your window treatments, you’ll need to find out the size you need. It’s the hardest part of the process, especially if you don’t know what to measure and how to do it right. If you’re having difficulties, there’s no shame calling for professional help.

When you try measuring the windows on your own, things can get wonky. After all, even a half-inch deviation from the measurement can make your window treatments look odd. That’s why you should leave this to the professionals and let them measure and install your new window treatments.

5. Layer on the Tech

Regardless of your knowledge, window treatments went through a subtle technological revolution as the years went by. They’re all geared towards making your life more convenient. The biggest trends around are motorization.

A lot of companies now offer motorized shades (as mentioned above), blinds, and drapes. These treatments have been developed in a way so that they operate silently and allow you to set timers with your smartphone.

Top Window Treatment Ideas

You shouldn’t neglect your bathroom. You need to make sure that you put as much care into choosing window treatments for this space as you do for the other areas of your home. Look for shades and blinds that are durable and can control light. Here are some ideas that can help you:

Roman Shades

This window treatment has it all: functionality, practicality, and beauty. These shades can help you control natural light and make your bathroom’s hard surfaces feel less harsh. Roman shades can also absorb sound and offer a lot of privacy.

The best part is that roman shades work with almost any design aesthetic. They have an endless number of color and pattern options. You have the freedom to choose styles and fabrics that already fit your room’s decor.

Faux Wood

These blinds are one of the most popular bathroom window treatments right now. They are versatile and elegant appealing to a wide variety of homeowners. The best part is that they are manufactured to not suffer when exposed to high moisture areas of your bathroom.

Faux wood bathroom window treatments won’t crack or warp over time or develop mildew and become a health risk. They provide all the beauty of wood without most of the common issues.

Find the Best Bathroom Window Treatments Today

When renovating and improving your bathroom, your window treatment choice is important. That’s why you need to get the best bathroom window treatments around.

If you’re planning to get new window treatments, you may want some professional input – especially if you’re not familiar with home improvement projects. Professionals will ensure you won’t make wrong decisions, regardless of whether it’s the window measurements or the choice of material.

Need help choosing your bathroom window treatments? Contact our team today!

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