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The Key To Beautifully Decorating Your Home

The Key To Beautifully Decorating Your Home

Not everyone has an eye for design and decoration. We know that adding a special touch to your home can be difficult, especially if you want it to look good. Professional decorators can be extremely helpful but tend to be expensive. Don’t let these obstacles stand in the way of you and a beautifully decorated home! Let the interior designers at Windows, Floors & Decor be your personal consultants to help you create a space you love! These are the top four keys to beautifully decorating your home.


Choose a focal point of the room and decorate around it. Whether it be a rug, a couch, or a painting make sure that your space has a “main event.” Find a piece that you love and decorate around it. When you select other pieces that complement the velvet purple sofa that you absolutely adore, it will result in a room that you also love. Regardless of style, having synergy and balance ensures a great living space!


Find a color scheme. Your decorating will instantly become much easier because it will help give you direction. Color schemes simplify rooms and ensure that everything in them “goes together” and looks great. It will help the room flow and feel cohesive rather than chaotic. Having a color scheme will also help to give you and your room as mentioned above.


The key to great style is all about the details. After all the hard work you have done so far, don’t leave your space feeling stark or something straight out of a showroom! This is your home, so you want it to feel both comfortable, cozy and personal. Add throw pillows, cable knit blankets, scented candles, and nick-knacks to fill your space with life. Hang art on your walls and place family photos on side tables. The details are how you can make your house a home. It’s your personal touch that makes your space special and all your own.


Let there be light! When done right, proper lighting can completely transform your room. Whether it’s controlling the natural light with window treatments or adding light with lamps, you can improve both the look and feel. Mood lighting makes any space feel comfortable and inviting. So ask yourself, “How do I want my home to feel?” and then choose your lighting accordingly.

With focus, color, detail and light your space is sure to feel like home. Use these tips to take your space from “meh” to “wow.” We guarantee that you will love your beautifully decorated home. If you need a little extra help of inspiration contact us at Windows, Floors & Decor for a personal consultation with one of our reps!

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