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Living Room Lighting: Creating Cozy Ambiance


Whether you’re watching television, reading a book, or just relaxing with the family, the lighting in your home matters. When it comes to living room lighting, small changes can completely transform the feel of the space. Similar to how we all need to experience sunlight to sustain some level of mental health, our indoor lighting can affect our mood and even the way we live.

In the craziness of today’s world, the importance of having a personal space that is calm and inviting should never be underestimated.

Living Room Lighting Tips

Creating the perfect ambiance doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are a ton of ideas all over Instagram and Pinterest that can help provide inspiration. Keep reading for some of our favorite lighting tips and tricks for living rooms.

Statement Lighting: It’s Like Art, Just Moodier


Lighting doesn’t have to be all about ambiance; it can also be bold, unique, and exciting. Think about any room you’ve ever walked into that has a huge chandelier as a focal point or a really interesting geometric light fixture hanging over the center of the room. These statement pieces are attention-grabbing and a great design aspect to add to a living room. Plus, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone by adding dimmer switches to create perfect mood lighting. Shop around and find a fixture that you fall in love with. Large lamps work just as well if you’re not ready to add a bold chandelier, or you have a smaller space to work with.

Take It Down a Few Notches

Who says you need to have a romantic dinner planned for you and your honey to dim the lights down in the living room? Soft lighting works well with pretty much any after-dinner activity. Whether it’s movie night with the whole family, or game night with a few friends installing light dimmers (we mentioned these above, but they honestly deserve their own section) is great for creating a low-key, relaxed ambiance.

You can install these separately as overhead lights, in addition your main light fixtures, chandeliers and lamps, or you can have it set up so that your existing lights have the option to dim. Either way, it’s a perfect solution to create softer lighting on an as-needed basis.

Harness the Magic of the Night Sky

What is it about fairy, or starry, string lights that is somehow magical and cozy at the same time? Whether you incorporate these into your bedroom, back patio or living room, they always make things feel a little more comfortable.

For smaller spaces or areas where you don’t have the option to install light fixtures or dimmers, string lights are a unique and stylish way to achieve softer lighting. Here are a few ideas to help get the cosmic inspiration flowing.

  • Geometric Glass Vases—place string lights inside geometric glass vases. Place them on your coffee tables, end tables or bookshelves.
  • Faux Starry Entrance—Use string lights to create a wall or a barrier for your smaller spaces, giving the illusion of separate rooms.
  • Shabby Chic Mason Jar—put string lights inside a mason jar and place them on your coffee table or end table next to some flowers.
  • Fairy Classic or Vintage—string lights up a ladder or a shelf, amongst greenery or plants.

Finding the right living room lighting can be tough, but we hope that these tips will help you bring functionality and style to one of the most popular rooms in your home. If you are looking to redecorate your living room, rec space, bedroom, or your entire home in Kansas City contact the design experts at Windows Floors & Decor today!

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