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Oceanside: How to Use It Without Transforming Your Entire Home

2018 Color Of The Year: Oceanside

If you don’t know it yet, then let us be the ones to share the news: “Oceanside” is 2018’s Color of the Year. It’s a rich and striking combination of green and blue, inspired by travel and a touch of mystery.

If you, like us, want to use this gorgeous hue everywhere but without completely upending your existing decor, we have some tips on how to make it work with the old to make it all new:

Test It Out

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on this statement color, then start with smaller test palettes, like cabinet doors or the back of a bookshelf. Then step back and check out your handiwork and figure out how the lighting, or natural sunlight works with the color. Remember, less is more!

Think Outside The Box

Literally, think exteriors. Paint your front door or window frames, particularly if the exterior of your house is predominantly white or cream. Share your exciting new choice of Oceanside with the world!

Think Small

Use Oceanside in small spaces to make a bold statement. Confined spaces are usually most special and this color begs for a special spot to shine in. Instead of standing out for being the smallest room in your home, the space will be cherished for the richness and escape to a mysterious dimension of depth and color!

Think Accent Walls

Yes, an accent wall! If you have a room in your home needing new life breathed into it, then Oceanside is the perfect choice to paint an accent wall. Then you’ll have an opportunity to pick and choose the right accents complement your new wall!

Light Accents

Because this is a darker color, you’ll have to lighten it up with the right accents. Whether it’s white marble or crisp white tiles, or light colored trim and crown moldings, the right interior will live in harmony with your new choice in Oceanside. Copper or gold or other metals also pair well with this fabulous new color.

Need some help figuring out how exactly to use 2018’s Color of the Year? Contact the interior design consultants at Windows Floors & Decor for insightful ideas and inspiration for how to use this gorgeous color in your home!

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