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Vinyl Flooring - Overland Park, Mission, Independence, Westwood

How To Upgrade Your Home Decor the Inexpensive Way

Redecorating doesn't have to be drastic or expensive. Small changes can offer a fresh home update that won't break the bank.

Trend Alert: Statement Floors!

These are exciting times in home decor! We are moving past the basic rectangle (dark…


The Future of the Untouched Dining Room

You know that dining area in your home that you never use? Well, we have a few ideas so that wasted space will be put to good use.

Cool Things To Know About Surya: Our New Home Decor Line

We have partnered with SURYA to provide you with up to date and affordable home decor. Learn a little bit more about SURYA and their products
What the Heck is Hygge?

What The Heck Is Hygge? Tips For Making Life & Home Cozier

There's no point in complaining about the cold when you can embrace the hygge!
Classy Ways to Elevate Your Thanksgiving Decor

5 Classy Ways to Elevate Your Thanksgiving Decor

You've come a long way from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
New Window Treatments Kansas City | Windows Floors & Decor

The Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing New Window Treatments

Before you get started, ask yourself the right questions.
Tips for Framing Textiles | Windows Floors & Decor

Ingenious Tips for Framing Textiles in Your Home

Fabrics come in various designs, colors, and textures, which is why textile art is steadily…

Cheap Carpet Kansas City

Cheap Carpet: What to Watch Out For

Carpets look extravagant. It instantly turns any place from plain and boring to classy and…

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