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How Do I Prevent Carpet Fading?

How Do I Prevent Carpet Fading?

Constant exposure to sunlight is the No. 1 cause of carpet fading. Between installing solar shades, using UV-blocking window films, and adding fluorocarbon protectors, there are a number of ways to reduce – or prevent altogether – the damaging effects of natural light streaming down onto your carpet.

Natural lighting provides numerous benefits in your home not only in enhancing its aesthetic value, reducing utility bills but even in improving the health condition of your entire family. Unfortunately, while sunlight invigorates and improves your well-being, it has an opposite effect on the color of your fluffy floor carpet.

Here are some specific ways on how to address the damaging effects of the rays of the sun and other methods to prevent the issue of fading carpet in your home.

Install Solar Shades to Prevent Carpet Fading

Using solar shades is one of the most effective ways to shield your carpet from the harmful rays of the sun without completely ridding your home of natural lighting. Dark-colored solar shades can reduce the amount of visible light streaming through your windows by as much as 96%. This means that your carpet will keep its bright color much longer.

Use UV-Blocking Window Films

You can also install window films to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from inflicting harm on your carpet floor. Window films are widely available and quite easy to install. According to user studies, UV-blocking window films can significantly reduce carpet fading by almost 85%. It is important to note, however, that unlike solar shades that can be opened and closed, window films stay on your windows until you remove them.

Utilize Your Drapes and Blinds

If you have drapes or blinds, make sure to close them during daytime or at least during the hours when the sun is shining at its brightest, especially in areas where the rays of the sun will hit your carpet directly. Simply closing the drapes and blinds during that time will considerably help in maintaining the quality of your carpet.

Be Strategic in Your Carpet Placement

If you have area rugs or carpets in certain parts of the home, it is best that you place them toward the center of the room, where sunlight is not too strong. Moreover, avoid putting them near windows or other areas that are directly exposed to sunlight.

Apply Fluorocarbon Protectors

Reputable carpet stores recommend the application of fluorocarbon protectors on your carpet to ensure that the same will stay in good condition longer. As the name suggests, fluorocarbon protectors protect the carpet from stain, dirt, oil, and other elements that can damage your carpet. Considering that this solution gives an extra layer of protection (albeit temporary), the regular application will significantly help in preventing carpet fading.

The various tips mentioned above are all doable and effective. Moreover, regarding sunlight issues, most of the pointers above will allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting while at the same time protect your carpet from losing its color and appeal – that is practically having the best of both worlds!

If you want to know more about proper carpet maintenance or if you are simply looking for high-quality carpets in various styles, textures and colors get in touch with the friendly carpet specialists of Windows, Floors & Decor.

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