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5 Reasons to Use Custom Carpet Binding Services for Your Next Rug

5 Reasons To Use Custom Carpet Binding Services For Your Next Rug

Carpet binding services are a unique way in which to use carpet remnants to create custom rugs for the home. The technique will fuse carpet pieces together to create a larger piece that can be used in any room you choose. This option can be a unique way in which to create rugs for your home as well as to save money. New rugs can be very expensive, so by using remnants, you can save money and have a new rug in your home. Read on to learn more about why you should use custom carpet binding services to create your next rug.

You’ll Reduce Waste

When you use custom carpet binding services to create a rug, you are effectively reducing the amount of waste in the environment. A large amount of carpeting ends up in landfills. Leftover carpeting can be recycled into something new but most people choose to throw the remnants away. Go green by using these carpet scraps to create new area rugs. You are not only helping keep the landfills free of unnecessary waste but you’ll also be reducing the materials used by manufacturers to create new rugs.

You Choose the Size

When ordering a new rug, you are limited to the size you can purchase. With carpet binding, you get to choose the size of your rug. Standard sizes we have all come to know include 6×9, 8×10, etc. You can make your new rug in whatever shape you please, creating a custom piece for your home.

Texture and Pattern

Another plus to carpet binding is that remnants come in a variety of styles. You can choose a unique pattern and texture, creating whatever you can come up with. You have the ability to enjoy more customization than you would if you were simply ordering a pre-made area rug.

Lower Price Point

Purchasing a new area rug can be costly, especially if you are trying to add new ones in every room of your home. With rug binding, you can find lower priced items to bind together. It is also cheaper to replace the new mat if it gets damaged later on.

Durable Carpeting

When purchasing a new rug for your home, you may find that the material you like is not as durable as you would hope but is offered in the color you want plus the price point you can afford. With carpet binding, pieces of a higher priced material can be bound together at a price you can afford, providing you with a durable piece that will last, even in high traffic areas.

With carpet binding, there are so many options for area rugs in the home. You can afford higher priced materials as you are only using remnants to have a rug created. By speaking with Kansas City’s experts in carpet binding at Windows, Floors & Decor,  you can learn more about the process and understand how to choose the right carpet remnants and how the binding actually takes place. The process is quite interesting and you will soon be able to see how you can have area rugs in the home that don’t cost a fortune!

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