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How to Remove Stains from Ceramic Tile

How To Remove Stains From Ceramic Tile

When you get stains on ceramic tile, it can be really difficult to get some of them out. Instead of being able to simply wipe some stains off, you may end up with a shadow of the stain left behind. While a cotton rag with water is the first step to cleaning up most spills on ceramic tile, it is not going to work for everything. Plus, before you try anything to clean up a stain, you need to check that your cleaning technique is not going to cause any damage to your tiles. Here’s how to remove stains from ceramic tile.

The Type of Cleanup Depends On the Type of Stain

You must determine what type of stain you have before you try and clean it up. Here are some of the most common stains and cleanup methods that typically work. Just remember to try your method somewhere that cannot be seen to ensure it won’t do any damage to your ceramic during the cleanup process.

Nail Polish: First, you need to take nail polish remover and dissolve what you can. From there, if you notice any stain left over, you need to take a diluted bleach solution or a little hydrogen peroxide and dab it into the stain. It should remove all leftover traces.

Juice, Tea, and Coffee: First, you should take a gentle detergent and hot water and wash up the stain. If any shadowing remains, use the same peroxide or diluted bleach solution mentioned above.

Blood: Leftover blood on any ceramic tile can be easily cleaned up with hydrogen peroxide or the mild bleach solution that is used for many tile stains.

Waxy substances, tar, or gum: First, you need to freeze the substance with ice cube inside of a sealed bag. Once it is frozen, pry it up with popsicle sticks or a toothpick. If any bit of the substance remains, use paint thinner that is not flammable, being careful not to spill.

Ink: Use a soft cotton cloth that has been soaked in a diluted bleach, and place it over the top of the stain. It should be left alone, other than to check it, until the stain then disappears. Make sure you rinse off the area well once the cloth has been removed.

Grease: Use club soda and water to dab up the grease, or you can opt to try a floor cleaner that is not abrasive.

Tile Stain Won’t Budge? Call the Tiling Professionals

If you are struggling to get stains on your ceramic tiles clean, then call in the professionals. By calling us here at Windows, Floors & Decor, we can come out, see what type of stains you are dealing with, and get those stains up off of your floor without damaging your tiles or the surrounding grout. Don’t take chances with stains that you cannot determine what they are, because if you combine the wrong things, you could end up hurting yourself or damaging your floor. Give us a call at Windows Floors & Decor today, and let us make those tile stains a thing of the past.

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