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Rethink Your Window Treatments This Spring


Rethink Your Window Treatments This Spring

It’s been awhile since we have thought of using window treatments as a design statement. Neutrals and safe carpet and drapery choices have dominated the interior design scene for a decade or two now. Well, step aside, boring beige, windows are about to have their day in the sun (so to speak).

For 2018 windows go from being a functional backdrop in a room to becoming a focal point of their own with a pop of color or a bold print. And the great news is, you can incorporate some common sense energy saving solutions into your window treatment design planning as well. So go ahead and rethink your staid, dated windows and use these trends to add some window spice to your space.

2018 Window Treatment Trends


Fabric houses are coming up with some fun geometric prints and bold colors for shades, perfect to add some life to an otherwise neutral room. Soft, muted prints on shades can also add the design touch but in a low-key manner. Add a couple of throw pillows or pouf in the exact color or to blend with a printed shade fabric, and your room will look pulled together and fresh. Rolling shades are still on trend for this year and come in a variety of colors and styles. Shades can be customized and are a great window treatment option for any home.


With jewel tones trending in the fashion world it is no surprise to see them show up in interior design as well. Floor to ceiling drapery in rich jewel tones and luxury, textured fabrics are the look for 2018. Deep emerald green, purple, and crimson will demand the eye be drawn to the window framed with rich velvet, silk, or damask fabrics.


More and more, people are customizing their natural lighting preferences by the smart uses of layered window treatments. Sheers are trending again, and this time in colors and prints, in addition to the staple white and off-white choices. Paired with bamboo blinds or a metallic roman shade allows control of light but retaining a soft, airy vibe in the room, with the sheers framing the window.

Natural Materials

Natural and organic materials in window shades have replaced boring wood blinds. The room will retain the neutral look desired, but adds texture with bamboo or cork materials, giving the room the feeling of nature. Organic materials and natural design elements are definitely on trend for 2018.

Energy Saving Solutions for Your Windows

With summer just a few short months away, why not anticipate the added costs of cooling (and later, heating) the room by considering some savvy choices that will save energy on costs? A popular trend has been to add cordless blackout shades to a window, available in white, beige, gray, and dark charcoal. These can be accented with beautiful patterned drapes for a polished designer look, but raised when the sun has shifted.

Reflective blinds that are reversible depending on the season can help absorb heat in the winter by facing the dark side out, and repel heat in the summer by facing the white side out. Blinds should fit snuggly inside the window frame to reduce solar heat gain up to 45% in the summer.

Drapery in a medium shade and backed with white plastic can also dramatically reduce solar heat gain. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this window treatment can reduce solar heat gain by 33%.

Spring is a great time to rethink your windows design and plan your installation.

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