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How to Shop for Baby-Friendly Flooring

Baby-Friendly Flooring | Carpet Direct KC

Are you looking to add a new floor to your home? That’s great! There are so many types of flooring from which you can choose. But do you have a little one or two residing in your home with you? If the answer is yes, you might want to look a little bit closer at your options before you make your final decision. Some flooring types are baby-friendly while others are not. Here are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for baby-friendly flooring.

Baby-Friendly Flooring: What to Look for

When shopping for baby-friendly flooring, you should be looking for renewable, natural materials. Hardwood, bamboo, linoleum and cork are all excellent choices, and their possibilities are nearly endless. Tile may be an option in some cases. Harder hardwood (such as oak) and bamboo floors are exceptionally strong. Cork is warm as well as softer than most other choices.

Another thing to keep in mind is to look for floating floors, or ones that click into place (like a laminate wood flooring). These floors don’t require any glue to adhere them to the subfloor. No glue means no fumes, which could potentially damage the respiratory system of your little ones.

What to Avoid

Stay away from wall to wall carpeting. If you currently have carpet, it may be fine to keep (although cleaning will be more intense as your babies become toddlers), just be sure to have it cleaned really well. Carpet fibers can hold dust mites and other allergens that can be the source of a lot of allergy irritation. Avoid putting in new carpet, which can let off VOCs after installation, which are dangerous for young ones to breathe in. If you want some cushion beneath your feet, opt for area rugs instead. Stay away from flooring that needs to be glued down as well, since the glue produces harmful odors.

Recommended: Alterna from Armstrong

Vinyl floors are a great budget-friendly option that are also easy to care for, relatively strong and waterproof. However, the chemicals involved, especially polyvinyl chloride, can pose a risk to your tots. Alterna from Armstrong offers a great baby-friendly flooring option that is similar to vinyl, but lacks the harmful chemicals. Alterna is a luxury vinyl tile that mimics the beauty and durability of tile, but lacks the price tag. It is moisture resistant, easy to care for and is softer and warmer underfoot. The best part for parents is that it is made from limestone, so it is eco-friendly.

Chemicals to Watch Out For

While shopping for baby-friendly flooring, there are several chemicals you should be on the lookout for. Phthalates, including polyvinyl chloride, which are found in traditional vinyl flooring, are particularly dangerous. These chemicals can disrupt your baby’s endocrine system and interfere with growth hormones. They can also have negative effects on cognitive function and academic performance. Other chemicals to keep an eye out for include lead, chlorinated paraffin and formaldehyde, which is found in flooring adhesives.

You should also keep an eye on the ingredients in your floor cleaners. Some contain harsh chemicals that can affect the eyes, airways, skin and even development of young children. Shop for cleaners that are petroleum-free, biodegradable, phosphate-free, VOC-free and solvent-free.

The health of your young ones is important. Your local Windows Floors & Decor representative can make the best recommendations for baby-friendly flooring in your home. Schedule your consultation today – it’s absolutely free!

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