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Sink Your Toes Into 2018: New Rugs To Look Out For This Year

New Rugs We're Loving In 2018

The right rug can make or break the look and feel of a room. And now is the perfect time to figure out what 2018 looks like…right beneath your feet! To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of trends in rugs for the New Year that we think you should sink your feet into immediately. Check out the new rugs that we’re obsessing over.

White Shag

Imagine a fireplace or candles placed all around: it’s cold outside but it’s time to snuggle up inside. A plush and fluffy white rug completes the scene and will give you total hygge vibes. Not only will your toes be warmer, but choosing white or another neutral color will feel natural and homey. Sometimes it’s nice to just hibernate in your own home for a bit and white shaggy rug does just that.

Twists on Classic Designs

The latest trend in rugs is a new take on tried and true concepts, with twists on classic designs. Traditional Tibetan, Indian, Moroccan and Persian designs are being altered and made modern. New life is being breathed into timeless pieces of art. Now it’s even easier to create your own corner to escape and relax in your own home!

Recycled Materials

Another trend we’re seeing and loving is the return to all things natural. Whether it’s rugs manufactured from recycled plastic or goods called Econyl, or minimalists who prefer their art off the walls and printed on rugs, 2018 is seeing the return of many a handmade carpet! Rugs are no longer just to be stepped on and forgotten. They are becoming focal points and pieces of art in the home.

Carpet Tile Rugs

This option is becoming quite popular now as homeowners need solutions for spaces of all sizes. Just because your square footage is limited doesn’t mean your sense of style has to suffer. With carpet tile rugs, you can mix and match and create your own custom fit piece to suit your lifestyle! Custom carpet binding is another take on this fabulous trend and allows you to get as picky as you want with your new rug.

Gone are the days of old bulky boring rugs, especially in 2018. There is no limit to the creativity and versatility you can have with new rugs, so roll out your thinking caps and let’s get started!

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