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Small Home Decor Accents That Make a Big Impact


Decor changes, even small ones, can have a big impact on your home’s appearance. Such items do not have to be costly to look outstanding. It can turn a room from mundane and stale into a stunning knockout. When people are asked what they remember most about a room you might be surprised to learn that the little things stand out in their memory. Those items transition the space into a true home with a powerful impact. In addition, if your house lacks square footage you can still create the illusion of a much larger and impressive space by adding precise accents.

Small Home Decor Accents that Create the Illusion of Space

We have compiled a list of some critical small home decor accents that truly create a feeling of roominess. They can transform a tiny home into a much greater abode.

The Benefit of Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors reflect light throughout a room and truly open up the area. Remember, when hanging a mirror always consider the reflection. If you hang the mirror opposite a lovely painting, sculpture, or some other architectural item then the mirror becomes a critical piece of the room based on its reflection. When you place a mirror across from a window then space will become even brighter as the sun’s rays are reflected back into the room increasing the feeling of bright roominess. In addition, hang the mirror at eye level for correct placement. You can definitely use a larger mirror in a small space so that the room feels even more expansive.

Throw Pillows Create Visual Interest


Throw pillows are a great way to achieve an instant makeover for an affordable price. Pick an odd number of throw pillows and also go with larger sizes to make space feel bigger. You don’t want to overdo it so choose three or five distinct pillows that capture your eye. Ideally, each pillow should measure 18 to 24 inches square. You can also go with oblong shapes. Large size is easier to see. You can use either solids or patterns. If you are seeking a modern feel then go with smooth fabrics like linen or cotton. Try to match the colors in the throw pillows with an item in the room such as a piece of art. If you are seeking a classic look then choose pillows made of velvet or satin. Paisleys and florals are also a very nice touch in the home. A feather and down fill creates softness. If you pick pillows with synthetic fillers then please remember that they feel far stiffer.

Using Flowers and Plants to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Live flowers and plants lend a certain freshness to any home. They are like bringing the beauty of the great outdoors indoors. Many people who live in apartments or other homes without a yard find being surrounded by green plants or freshly cut flowers soothing. They also add color to your home. You can choose desert or tropical houseplants to capture the ambiance that you seek.

Decorating With Artwork


You do not have to spend thousands to decorate with the artwork. Instead, choose pieces and items that touch your heart and appeal to you. You can pick colors that compliment your existing decor. Many people actually use colors from paintings as the palate for area rugs, upholstery, paint, and throw pillows. Whether you hang paintings, framed photos or sculptures around the home the artwork you choose reveals something personal about you to any of your houseguests. Art is very intimate and personal. You can even enlarge personal photographs and use those to decorate your home!

Using an Area Rug to Create Ambience

A lovely hand-woven area rug is a necessity in any home. It is a masterpiece that covers your floors and brings the entire room together in perfect harmony. The colors in the rug often set the theme for the entire house. In addition, how you position your furnishings on the rug will have an effect on the feeling of space in the room. Most people who have a small room only place the front feet of their furnishings on the rug’s surface. It also helps reveal the beautiful and intricate surface of the rug. Placing your furnishings entirely on the area rug can cause the room to feel small and cramped. You can also layer rugs. Lay one rug on top of a much larger rug to create an even more inviting and warm atmosphere in the room.

Lighting to Create an Illusion

Bright lights reveal every corner and leave very little to the imagination. However, subdued lighting promotes shadows and softens the perimeter of the space which can make the room feel much larger because the margins are blurred. Proper lighting is one of the best small home decor accents that you can utilize if you want the room to feel and appear much larger. Avoid overhead lights. Instead, use lamps or wall sconces.

These are just a few decor tips to make a small home appear much larger. The design experts at Windows Floors & Decor can help you pick out the perfect items to add to your home. Contact us to schedule a design consultation today!

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