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The Therapeutic Effects of Redecorating


The daily cycle of waking up to the same ole living environment does nothing to inspire us, cheer us up, or provide comfort because our interior decor has become staid and tired. There is actually a term—neuro-architecture—that refers to the relationship between the living space and the mind/body response to it.

When you think of it, emotional wellbeing begins and ends each day in our own four walls. How our minds process light, layout, and space can translate directly to our general mood. With the therapeutic effects of home decor in mind, why not make some powerful changes in your living space and boost your mood while you do it?

Create a Fresh Start in Your Space

Take an unbiased critical look at your home environment and pay attention to your emotional response. If gazing at a cluttered, busy space revs up anxiety then it is time to get your home in order. Don’t allow the decluttering project to overwhelm you, just take one room at a time and cull the nonessentials, toss the junk, and donate the outdated decor accents.

A fresh start means a clean canvas to rewrite your home’s story. Think about the colors that make you smile and incorporate a couple of compatible faves into your space using paint, window coverings, area rugs, and décor accents. We highly suggest talking to one of our consultants about our partner SURYA’s lovely home decor line, they really have something for everybody. Sometimes bringing in a professional with fresh eyes is the push you need to begin reimagining your space.

Shift Energy Using Feng Shui

The artful placement of objects and furnishings using feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating a positive energy flow (called Chi), has achieved popularity in America during the seventies and is making a comeback. Feng Shui is founded on the idea that by focusing attention on how the positioning of furniture influences a positive energy flow, it is possible to shift a home toward a more harmonious living space. If you have an open floor plan try to have each space flow seamlessly into the next. If your floor plan is a bit more broken up use lamps, mirrors, and lighter colors to create space and flow. Using window treatments that compliment your personal taste and allow natural light in are a great way to bring more positive energy into the home.

Indulge in Creature Comforts

When entering your home, you should be greeted with a warm sense of belonging, with the colors, textures, and décor style you love. Embrace the style touches that move you and incorporate them into each room of the home. Add tactile elements, such as soft rugs, throw blankets, and down-filled throw pillows. Be selective when curating just the right touch for each space, ensuring that it will delight you for years to come. Make your space a reflection of who you are.

The Power of Light

Harness the power of lighting, both natural and synthetic, to enhance overall mood. We mentioned sun letting in more positive energy, and we weren’t kidding. Natural sun exposure can offer many health benefits, from a source of vitamin D to increase production of the feel-good brain chemicals, serotonin, and endorphins. In the dining room and bedroom, use dimmer switches for lighting fixtures. These ambient lighting options allow you to de-stress after a long day while bathing the room in a beautiful glow so pleasing to the senses. You can also use a wide variety of lighting fixtures and lamps to shed light on different areas of a room.

Let the professional design consultants at Window Floors & Decor assist you in taking a fresh, new look at your space while helping you create a home environment that lifts your spirits.

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