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Top Home Decor Trends This Spring

Top Home Decor Trends This Spring

The only thing that feels better than a good spring deep-cleaning is redecorating a room or three! Here are five of the top spring home décor trends to get you thinking about what you want to do to update the look and feel of your just-cleaned house.

Spring Home Decor Trends to Try this Season

Darker Hues in the Kitchen

dark-kitchenNobody likes being in a house full of drama—unless that drama describes the décor in the kitchen. A trend that’s recently taken hold in the UK is sophisticated black kitchens. A modern update to the more traditional all-white kitchen, we are starting to see darker hues either as the main color or an accent with contrasts of rich browns, greys, taupe, white or cream colors. The biggest trick to get the maximum impact from this trend is using one or two colors besides black and pairing them for high contrast; bright or primary colors should be mostly avoided in favor of neutrals and polished metal.

Also, consider using horizontal blinds on the kitchen windows in your chosen accent color, it’s an atypical design choice that fits in perfectly with the sleek lines and contrasting shapes that will be brought out by redecorating your kitchen in dark colors.

Tip: If you have the counter space, try displaying your small black appliances (like the blender, toaster, stand mixer, waffle maker) by lining them up on the counter against the wall instead of hiding them away. If you like the added contrast, consider updating your larger kitchen appliances in black, redoing your cabinets, and buying a new kitchen table and chairs in a dark wood like mahogany.

Use Sustainable Materials

Seeking out sustainable materials isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that’s getting more attention as people become aware of our impact on the planet and want to do something to minimize that impact without giving up on style and design.

Luckily, the market is responding to eco-conscious consumers with many companies striving to create products responsibly, in a way that’s environmentally friendly and sustainable. This generally means harvesting wood from forests that are managed with conservation in mind and an idea of maintaining the long-term health of the ecosystem. What does this mean to you? It means checking the packaging to see if sustainable practices were used in the creation of the products you buy. You can also reduce your environmental impact by reusing items instead of buying new—family heirlooms and antiques are stylish and good for the environment!

Tip: Try to purchase items from companies that use recycled materials in their products and package their products in recyclable packaging. Consider buying furniture like tables and shelves made from reclaimed wood, and make sure the wood for your new floors will be sustainably harvested.

The 70s Are Back (Without the Wood Paneling)

modern-70s-decorHarvest gold, avocado green, burnt sienna, and blue mustang are back, baby! These four colors, along with both light and dark shades of neutral brown are the perfect color scheme to introduce a little funk into your living room or kitchen.

Add interesting natural textures like river rocks, geometric mosaic patterns or different types of wood for accent pieces—but stay away from wood paneling on the walls; true, it was a 70s staple, but so is deep shag carpet and we’re not recommending that either!

When redoing a room in the style of 70s chic, we really want to focus on the chic. The idea is to express your inner flower child, not to look like you just inherited a house from your great aunt who hasn’t changed a thing since Jimmy Carter was president.

Tip: Start slow with some throw pillows in fall colors, a new couch cover, curtains, or a papasan chair with a fuzzy cushion—if you like the way the room is coming together, just keep on truckin’ until your retro dream is a reality!

Scandinavian Design

scandinavian-designHygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) has been a popular design aesthetic for years, and it’s no wonder why! Scandinavian home décor trends are based around balancing minimalism and functionality. There’s something so profoundly soothing about a room decorated to be cozy and calming, with everything in its place.

The main colors to focus on are pale shades of blues, greys, and whites—basically, any color that you can imagine seeing at an Icelandic beach on a clouded-over day would fit right in on the Scandinavian design—with a few accents in colors like black, bright blue or red; natural wood grain and sheepskin rugs or throws (try faux!) complete the theme of bringing the outdoors indoors, in a soft and comforting way.

Furniture should be simple and functional. Add things like a basket for storage that’s also pretty enough to display, . That’s not to say there’s no place for artwork that’s just artwork, but there’s still inherent minimalism involved. The Swedes, for example, tend to prefer monochrome artwork that focuses on themes of nature or portraiture. We’re not saying to go 100% minimalist if that’s not your style, but a wall displaying a curated grid of black and white artwork can be breathtakingly stylish.

Tip: Consider making your own personalized monochrome art wall by printing up copies of family photos of special events in high contrast black and white and setting them in simple frames, then use those photos in a grid on the wall with other monochrome pieces.

Texture, Texture, Texture

textured-throw-pillow-and-chairIf you’re looking for the simplest way to make the biggest visual change, just add some texture! Different tactile sensations make for a cozy, cool environment.

Mixing and matching patterns and colors gives a funky, eccentric look to the living room. Bright, geometric pops of color add visual interest to any room with rugs, pillows, curtains, artwork, couch or chair covers. Natural grain wood is also a texture that looks great in any room.

Tip: Start slow with some furry throw pillows and a big knitted blanket for cool spring nights. If you like the new additions to the room, add in patterned curtains, a new rug, more pillows, and some geometric art pieces.

If you’re interested in embracing one (or more!) of these home décor trends this spring, simply contact the experts at Windows Floors & Decor to get started.

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