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Trend Alert: Statement Floors!

Trend Alert: Statement Floors!

These are exciting times in home decor! We are moving past the basic rectangle (dark or light wood) flooring and looking into new interesting designs this year, specifically, statement floors. Why not? Walls and ceilings aren’t the only canvases you have to work with as artists of your home interior.

The visual interest that a statement floor brings can change the look of any room. But what is a statement floor, exactly? Well, it is a style of flooring that stands out to the eye. A type of flooring that is a bit out of the ordinary, but gorgeous nonetheless. It captures your attention and speaks to you in some way, and stays with you long after you’ve left the room. It’s not your average everyday floor, thus, not every floor can call itself a statement floor.

If you’d like to add some personality and character to your space then here are some fantastic ways to make it happen with a statement floor:


Busy walls can make a room feel cluttered, but with floors, the options are virtually unlimited when you choose tiles! You can arrange tile flooring to create pieces of art at your feet, or even a virtual garden using mosaics that never fade. If you’re looking for something more classic, then black and white tiled flooring never goes out of style. The effect is especially stunning in all white or neutral spaces. Somewhere in between conventional and modern, is the use of herringbone pattern. Just enough of it as statement flooring does wonders as a design element. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then we’d recommend going for multi-colored tile flooring to brighten up your space!

 Hardwood Floors

Homeowners can’t go wrong with choosing hardwood floors. However, now there is so much more thought and creativity put in when choosing your statement floors if you want to add character to your space from the ground-up. You have the right to hand-pick each plank and make it meaningful. Whether they’re rich, dark floorboards or stained in black in a herringbone pattern, your space will appreciate the facelift. Adding value to your home has never been more exciting! Make sure you are aware of how to care for your hardwood floors and make it look gorgeous for years on end.



If you’re not yet ready to dive into a major project just yet, then why not start out with a statement rug? Choose an eye-catching pattern or a bright brilliant color that pops and adds life and depth to your space! Elevate what you believe to be a basic room to something more edgy, more memorable. You can even work with shapes, and layer an unusually shaped rug over a standard rug to make the ordinary extraordinary! Your use of statement carpeting will not only provide you and your guests some eye candy but also breathe new life into your home. Luckily, rugs are extremely on trend this year and also won’t hurt your wallet! Check out our new Surya line of decor for the latest rug styles.


Another safer choice in statement flooring is cork, a natural product that will capture the attention of anyone entering the room. Cork can also be stained and or dyed to virtually any color, so you can be the artist and choose your palette! And the best part is, cork floors won’t absorb dust or and are also bacteria and fungus-free making it perfect for little ones to play on. So it’s a win-win in design and health benefits!

Statement floors can revamp any room in your home, not to mention be visually appealing to the eye. So give your home an upgrade this year from the bottom-up!

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