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Trend Alert: Tropical Prints for the Home

Trend Alert: Tropical Prints For The Home

From bold, tropical patterned clothing to tropical houseplants to full on Tiki-inspired kitchen setups, tropical prints are having a moment right now. It’s a lush and lively look that will help you keep summer dreaming as the seasons change, but how do you incorporate this trend into your existing decor without making your living space look like a luau? Let’s talk about it!

Walls and Windows

The way to get the biggest impact from tropical leaf decor is by adding a lot of it. If you don’t want to deck out a whole room in palm leaves but want to make a bold statement, consider finding tropical leaf printed wallpaper to add to an accent wall! You can also use curtains instead of changing the wallpaper to get a similar effect with less effort.

Rugs and Throw Pillows

A less permanent way to incorporate this trend is with an area rug or throw pillows in a tropical print. You can look for something more subtle that is in a darker print or greyscale, or you can find a rug printed with a full tropical jungle scene including birds! If you go this route, consider the different ways your room will appear by adding just a couple of pieces—like, say a large area rug and a couple of throw pillows in coordinating colors but without the tropical leaf decor print versus how much more tropical theme will look if you really commit by using the same or similar pattern in at least four different places.

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Art Pieces

How about a tropical art piece? Try incorporating a painting or poster featuring a tropical scene or a botanical print identifying different types of tropical leaves. Both of these options are great ways to carry this theme. You could also use figures of tropical animals, like a toucan or a panther. You could also hang up a mirror with tropical decals like palm leaves or tropical insects.

Real (or Faux!) Plants

The most authentic way to add tropical leaf décor to your living space is by adding some real tropical plants. Of course, tropical plants won’t do well in every climate, so focus on finding lush plants with large green leaves to get a similar effect. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you don’t think your thumb is green enough for this option, there’s no shame in using faux plants to get the look. Tip: You obviously don’t have to water faux plants, but it’s worth taking some time every week to give them a quick dusting to keep them looking their best. One of the easiest ways to spot a fake plant from a real one is looking for the telltale layer of dust born from neglect.

The only real tricks to bringing trends into your home are knowing your own style—and your own limits—and finding ways to integrate the new pieces into your existing decor. Redecorating an entire room isn’t for everyone, and we’d never recommend that for someone who wasn’t interested in keeping up with trends, but you can still bring this new modern design element into your home by bringing in some tropical leaf decor that will brighten up any room!

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