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Understanding Different Carpet Lengths

Understanding Carpet Lengths

Shopping for a new carpet can be overwhelming. There are so many different choices to make. Not only do you need to know where the carpet is going, you have to choose what kind of statement you want the room to make. With so many different colors, thicknesses and styles available, you may not know where to start. Here, we discuss the various different carpet lengths you can choose from: loop, cut loop, and shag.


When carpets are manufactured, the fibers are looped around into the backing. Loop carpeting leaves these loops just as they are. They are available in various different weights and thicknesses and have all kinds of different patterns and textures. They are ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Once named for its coloration, one of the most well known loop carpets is the Berber carpet. There are also level loop carpets, which are all one length, and multi level loop carpets, which offer different patterns and textures.

In general, loop carpets are quite durable. The tighter the loops, the more resilient the carpet. These carpets are also easy to clean, if spills are attended to promptly. These attributes make them ideal for offices, hallways and family rooms, any area that sees a lot of foot traffic.

You need to take care when vacuuming these carpets or moving furniture around on them. Loops can snag, causing runs. Another downside is that they are not quite as soft as other types of carpeting.

Cut Loop

The loops of these carpets are cut, exposing the ends of the fibers. Cut loop carpets are perfect for residential use. They come in various lengths and thicknesses, allowing them to convey different statements and tend to be much softer underfoot. They also have varying twists, telling you how resistant to crushing matting they are.

There are many styles of cut loop carpet:

Plush carpets have a light twist and a luxurious feel. They are ideal for areas that you want to convey a more formal message, such as a dining room or master bedroom. They can show footprints and vacuum marks, though, and are more susceptible to collecting dirt and debris, so it is best to keep these carpets in areas that don’t see much foot traffic.

Cut pile twist carpets are more ideal for higher traffic areas. These carpets have tighter twists that allow them to hide footprints and other marks.

Frieze carpets have long fibers that lie in multiple directions, providing texture. The fibers also come in varying lengths and provide a more informal appearance, making them ideal for a child’s bedroom. Beware snagging these fibers in a vacuum.


Once popular in the 1960s and 70s, these carpets are making a comeback. The fibers are cut longer than a frieze style carpet and are available in all kinds of contemporary colors. They offer an inviting feel to the area in which they are placed. The long fibers also provide quite a bit of comfort underfoot.

Shag carpets do have their drawbacks, however. They tend to be more expensive (which can actually be a draw for those who want to show off a little). Fibers can come unraveled over time if not properly cared for, and pets can eat what has shed off. Long fibers can get caught in the vacuum. They are also not ideal for those with allergies, as dirt and dust mites can get caught in the fibers. A lot of care is required to keep these unique carpets clean and beautiful.

Carpet is a great way to add personality to your home. With a little bit of research and soul searching, you will find the one, with the right carpet length, that best suits your needs. Get in touch with your local Windows Floors & Decor rep for a consultation with a professional to find the carpet that’s right for your home!

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