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Unique Home Decor Ideas That Will Persevere in 2020


The great thing about a home is that you can change things whenever you want!. Of course, it’s always nice to try new things that not many people know about. With that in mind, we’re about to bring you five unique home decor ideas that are about to be huge. Give it a year or two, and everyone will be implementing these ideas in their homes!

1. Put a Statement Piece Behind the Couch


The couch is the focal point of most living rooms. It’s the thing that stands out the most, where eyes are drawn too and we spend a lot of time working on how to make the sofa look even better and stand out. Some of us may lay delicate throws over the couch, add stylish pillows, or a funky coffee table in front of it.

Well, the new trend concerns itself with the area behind your couch! Purchase a statement piece that you can place behind the couch – usually up against the wall. It should tie in with the couch’s design, meaning the two pieces work perfectly with one another.

We love the idea of hanging a luxurious tapestry behind the couch, or of buying an antique leather screen to stick on the wall.

Also, we all know that you can’t go wrong with a statement art piece – just make sure it complements your sofa and enhances the design of the whole room.

2. Use a Mixture of Styles in One Room


Typically, we choose one main style for each room in our house. Every element of the room follows this style, and it creates a delicate balance. However, the new trend is to move away from this and mix up the styles in one place.

Instead of only following one style pattern, bring a diversity of styles and designs to the area. The styles will bounce off one another, creating a juxtaposition of designs that really stand out. It will totally transform the way a room feels, and you get the benefit of trying out lots of different styles that you probably never thought of before. Mix classic furniture with modern flooring and rugs, or use a mixture of soft and loud colors throughout – the possibilities are endless.

3. Use Unique Molding on Your Ceiling and Floorboards


Often, it’s the subtle changes that have the most profound effect on the look of your home. For this next idea, we turn our attention to the ceiling and floorboards. Most people have a little bit of molding on their ceiling and floorboards. Generally speaking, there’s nothing flashy or impressive about this – it’s just there as added protection.

But, if you’re looking for unique home decor ideas, then it’s time to customize your molding. If you have a look around, you’ll see there are so many different varieties of molding you can get.

Instead of something dull and boring, you can have a unique offering with decorative patterns that stand out more. You can play around with the curvature of the molding, the color of it; it’s entirely up to you. This can add a touch of class and elegance to any room – and it’s a quick and easy way to change the look of every room.

4. Utilize Different Textures


You can separate the best home designs from the mediocre ones by making one observation; how many textures are in use? Most people won’t use that many textures, mainly because they don’t really think about it or don’t know how to get everything to work together. Textures play an integral role in improving your interior design and creating a dynamic look for any room.

The secret is using a variety of textures in your main living areas and bedrooms. To do this, you have to call upon many different sources; soft fabrics, wood, stone, rougher fabrics, and so on. A simple example of this is a smooth hardwood floor with a rough-looking rug placed on top of it. The two different textures stand out from one another, which has a better effect than if the rug was nice and smoothe too. Think about decorating the sofa with velvet pillows and a rougher fabric pillow also. The idea is to create an interior where lots of different textures are complementing one another, improving the overall visual appeal.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Unique Paint Colors


Lastly, you need to be brave with the colors in your home. Don’t be scared to be bold and use colors that you wouldn’t usually think about. Bright and vibrant colors like red, purple, yellow – they’re rarely used in modern homes. Everyone seems to opt for quite subtle colors – your greys, whites, cream, black, etc. But, the trend is shifting away from this and moving towards a more diverse color palette.

How do you add color to your home? We have a couple of simple ideas! Firstly, think about creating an accent wall. Effectively, this is a wall that’s completely different from the other three in the room.

It could be one bold color standing out from the others, or a gorgeous pattern implementing different colors. Here, you have something that transforms the look and feel of a room and adds a touch of character to it.

The other idea is to paint some pieces of furniture. Get your coffee table and give it a nice lick of paint, creating an entirely new look. The same can be done to chairs, bookcases, anything. By adding splashes of color with your furniture, you create a more vibrant and modern home decor!

So, are you looking for new ways to spruce up your home? All five of these unique home decor ideas offer you something a little outside of the norm. The world of interior design is always changing, and you can often predict upcoming trends. These ideas will continue to be trendy in 2020, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get decorating!

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