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Update Your Entryway with Vinyl Flooring

Update Your Entryway With Vinyl Flooring

The entryway of your home takes a lot of abuse. You come in, stomp your feet, and leave muddy, wet, and stinky shoes on it until later. The floor gets abused, scratched, and overlooked by nearly everyone who walks through your door. It is now time to make a change. Your entryway is the first impression people have of your home, and a scuffed up floor that has seen better days is not the impression you want them having. Updating the flooring of your entryway can give the impression that the entire entryway has been redone, giving you more confidence when company walks through the door.

Vinyl for the Entrway: Out With the Old, and In With the New

One of the things that vinyl flooring is amazing at is giving you nearly an endless supply of options. You can quite literally have any look you want in vinyl flooring. You can have it look like concrete or wood, have any pattern you desire, or make your flooring any color imaginable. You can match the rest of your home with your selection of vinyl flooring, or you can make sure that your entryway stands out. No matter what type of goal you have in mind for the flooring right inside your front door, vinyl can make it happen.

Vinyl Flooring Gives You Durability with Style

On top of being able to get any type of look that you want for your home, you also get a lot of durability out of vinyl flooring. It has a layer of clear-coating over the top of the vinyl that protects it from scratches and debris that would normally damage a floor. You can also use specialty cleaners that are made to help fill in the gaps on vinyl floors, so if you get scratches, they can help to restore the clear-coat. Typically, a vinyl floor will not need to be replaced for anywhere from 15-20 years.

Some of the vinyl flooring that you can opt to go with in this area can also come with a matte finish, giving you the ability to conceal scrapes or scratches due to heavy-traffic coming across this part of your home. Vinyl flooring is multi-layered, so even if you get a slight scratch on the top of the material, you still have the same perfect color shining through. The flooring in your entryway will be softer on the feet when you opt for a vinyl flooring material, even if you pick a pattern that looks like wood planks or ceramic tiles.

If you want the experts to be able to come in and help you replace the flooring in your home’s entryway with vinyl flooring, then contact the vinyl flooring experts at Windows Floors & Decor today. They can come out to your home, measure the area you want to fill with vinyl flooring, and get it installed for you very quickly. Then, all you have to do is invite company over, and let them see your new flooring for themselves!

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