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How To Upgrade Your Home Decor the Inexpensive Way

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 It’s no secret that those 4 inch square white ceramic tiles in the kitchen are a relic of the late 80s, but the idea of a full kitchen reboot may be way outside the realm of one’s financial reality at the moment. Worry not! There are a multitude of inexpensive ways you can upgrade your home decor.

Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

inexpensive kitchen-backsplash-katie
Photo courtesy of Lexi Brooke Photography

Let’s start with that dated kitchen. The 4”x4” white tiles can be replaced with a new surface that won’t break the bank. Get rid of the old dated backsplash and use one of the gorgeous new glass, mosaic or subway style tile options. Depending on the square footage of the backsplash, this fresh update will likely set you back just a couple hundred dollars. Voila! Just like that your kitchen will look like 2018 instead of 1988. Also consider flooring upgrades, we provide great financing options on tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl that are on trend in 2018. Floors see a lot of wear and tear in the kitchen because it is a high traffic area, a great way to update your kitchen and increase your home’s resale value is to replace those worn out floors.


The concept of redecorating on a budget can be applied to the entire home, made even easier if you happen to have hardwood flooring, as it can be adapted to a new color palette much easier (and cheaper) than re-carpeting the house. Check out the trending looks and colors to get an idea of what changes to make, and then recreate your space with a fresh new area rug, some fun throw pillows, a puffy pouf, and some updated wall art.

 Home Trends for 2018

One walk through a local Target store or Pottery Barn and you will notice soft tones of salmon, peach, dusty pink, lavender, soft grays, pale blues, and creams. Ethnic accessories and natural rustic décor elements can add an interesting twist to a staid room and are also trending.

Glacial Style Living Room Photo courtesy of SURYA

Décor styles of the day range from the pale, glacial vibe (think soft and soothing) to natural themes (like bringing the outdoors in). That said, deep, saturated colors are also trending, being used to punctuate rooms that are primarily neutral. Deep crimson can add spark to a room featuring grays, sand, or white walls, flooring, and furniture.

Home updates are not dependent on replacing all the furniture. Select a fun new side chair or a statement chandelier and watch what that alone will do for enhancing the room. In a dining room, adding a colorful table runner and some coordinating chair cushions can freshen the dated dining room.

Redecorating doesn’t have to be a pricey venture. Once you have selected a color scheme and desired “look,” just change out a few accent pieces, add new candles, a vase, some silk flowers, a throw blanket or some accent pillows—these, if selected carefully based on a specific color pallet, can effectively modernize your home.

Updates that do Double Duty

If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors you may also have hardwood-covered stairs. Over time, the wood stairs can become scratched and worn, but the bigger issue is the noise they produce. If you are tired of hearing the clomping of your family’s feet going up and down the stairs, why not consider carpeting them?

Carpeted stairs are trending in 2018, with several different approaches to consider creating a visually interesting focal point out of your staircase. Select a pattern, such as a Mallorca or Casablanca print, in a neutral tone that compliments the wood flooring for a powerful statement. Some may just carpet the treads and leave the risers wood. Another option is to leave a border of wood on either side of the carpeted treads, also a popular look.

Home updates that are strategically applied and that adhere to a décor plan and cohesive color palette can be done on a shoestring budget while producing a significant visual impact. Redecorating does not need to be overwhelming or crazy expensive, it just needs to be approached with a vision.

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