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Why You Should Consider Using Ceramic Floor Tiles in Your Home

Why You Should Consider Using Ceramic Floor Tiles In Your Home

When it comes to choosing the flooring in your home, the process is not always simple. Whether you’ve already decided on tile and are learning the differences between ceramic and porcelain, or you are still choosing from a seemingly endless list of flooring options–there is a lot to consider. If you need a little guidance choosing the right flooring for an area of your home, this post will give you all the information you need to decide whether ceramic floor tiles are right for you.

Why Use Ceramic Floor Tile in Your Home?

Perhaps one of the most commonly used flooring options across the board, ceramic floor tiles are popular for a reason. This versatile and durable tile option works well in just about every room and can even be a functional and stylish option for walls and backsplashes. What may seem like an obvious choice, however, is not always that simple for some of us.

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. From the elements and the environment to your budget, health, and style preference–floor tiles are rarely as simple as they seem. If you find yourself reeling as you consider all the different variables for an area of your home, sometimes the best thing you can do is choose a floor tile that covers all the bases.

Benefits and Features to Consider with Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic floor tile is a no-brainer in most departments, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular choice in the world of flooring. As you weigh your options, there are some situations where the benefits of keeping it simple with ceramic floor tiles is preferable–even in comparison with the most beautiful and alluring alternatives. Here are some of the benefits that go hand-in-hand with ceramic tiles.

Water and Moisture Resistant

Wood floors are beautiful, but they’re also expensive and are easily damaged by liquids and moisture. For areas that are prone to humidity or where the elements are a concern, a water and moisture resistant flooring option like ceramic tile is preferable to protect your investment.

Speaking to the feature of water resistance, it is important to make the distinction between glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles have a protective layer on their surface, whereas unglazed ceramic flooring tiles do not. Fortunately, both options will still be water resistant, but the protective layering does make a difference.

Whereas glazed tiles already have a protective layer making them impermeable by water and stains, unglazed tiles will need to be sealed for protection. Glazed tiles are highly reliable in moist environments, so if water is a huge concern–you may want to make sure you go with this option.

For unglazed tiles, the seal creates the waterproof effect, so you’ll want to be sure the grout lines are well sealed along with the surface. This will prevent water from leaking in and damaging the floor tiles. If you have concerns about this, talk to your flooring experts and make sure to choose an installer you trust. They should be able to help ease your concerns assist you in your decision-making process.

Extreme Durability


If heavy floor traffic is a concern for you, ceramic tile is a great option. Overall extremely durable and difficult to crack, ceramic floor tiles are an extremely durable choice.  If damage does occur, ceramic flooring is also one of the easier floor tiles to repair.

There are different classes of ceramic tiling as well. If floor traffic is a concern for you, you may want to choose a class 3 or 4 ceramic floor tile. These classes are made for moderate to heavy traffic and thus, do not scratch.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

While some flooring options require special cleaning and maintenance in order to keep them looking clean and pristine, ceramic flooring is relatively simple in comparison. Other than regular cleaning, there really aren’t any special requirements for upkeep.

Dirt and spills rest at the surface of the tile, allowing you to easily remove stains and debris using your preferred cleaning method.

Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep away dust and dirt from the surface of the floor. Basic stains and spills can be easily mopped or wiped away without concerns about liquid or water damage. For more difficult stains, you have the freedom to use heavy-duty cleaners for easy cleaning and upkeep.

Endless Design Options

Ceramic tiles come in thousands of shapes, sizes, patterns, and even feature various textures. These can be arranged in whatever way you like to achieve a vast array of modern styles and designs. Ceramic tiles can even mimic some of the alternative flooring options you may be considering, such as hardwood flooring or marble. With ceramic floor tiles, the options truly are endless. And of course, if you prefer more simple options but tend to get bored, you can always change up the decor with the perfect rug.

Environmentally Friendly

If being more eco-friendly is a concern of yours, ceramic tile shines in this area as well. Traditionally, these floor tiles are made from naturally occurring materials like clay, sand, and glass. Often made from recyclable and/or recycled content, ceramic floor tiles are environmentally friendly and are also great for energy efficiency in your home.

When it comes to heating and cooling, ceramic tiles are great for keeping things cool in the warmer months and possess some insulating qualities for the winter months as well.


If cost-effective flooring is a big concern for you, ceramic floor tiles are a smart choice.

Compared with many other flooring options, ceramic floor tiles are fairly inexpensive while still being durable and easy to maintain. The price will vary based on class and quality of the tile you choose, along with other details like style and design. On average, most ceramic floor tiles range between $5 and $10 per square foot.

Hypoallergenic and Safe

Ceramic floor tiles are known for being hypoallergenic and free from chemicals and compounds that are known to be harmful to our health. Often used in sterile environments, if your health and the quality of the air in your home is important to you, ceramic flooring is an option you can feel comfortable with.

Whether you have definitely decided that tile flooring is right for your home and are ready to start shopping or are still weighing your options, Windows Floors & Decor is here to help you with any questions you may have! Contact our experts today.

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