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What The Heck Is Hygge? Tips For Making Life & Home Cozier

What The Heck Is Hygge? Tips For Making Life & Home Cozier

So what the heck is “hygge” exactly? Would Will Smith be getting hygge with it if he could?

Well, first of all, it’s pronounced “hoo-guh.” And secondly, it’s a Scandinavian word.

But it’s more than just a word— it’s a lifestyle, a culture. It means, essentially, making your life and home cozier and blissful. The concept of “hygge” is rooted in the fact that Scandinavian winters are long and cold. As such, Scandinavians must create their own sense of warmth and happiness to get through those arduous colder months. And boy do they. Hygge is meant to not just last the coldest months of the year. It should be embraced year-round for a life full of warmth and joy. After all, the Scandinavian people are considered the happiest people in the world! They must be on to something…

Tips for Making Life & Home Cozier
 with Hygge

The hygge lifestyle has been spreading across the globe, like a revolution, and we are armed with tips for you to join in! It’s really not that hard to incorporate elements of hygge into your home and lifestyle, especially during these cold winter months.

Embrace the Hygge

Hygge starts out as a state of mind, as a state of being, and believing in the joys derived from the smallest pleasures. We could actually learn a thing or two from the Scandinavians. We should all try to unplug when we are home and appreciate what we have outside of what technology gives us. Only then can you begin your transformation and come out of the other side of winter a happier person!

Include Mother Nature

Never underestimate the power that Mother Nature will add to your home’s hygge. Maybe it’s about adding a plant in each room, or displaying that collection of stones you brought back from your travels. Remember, it’s your personal touches that will transform your space. Splurge on some shelving made of rich wood with natural edges. You could even paint one wall in your favorite room with an earth tone color. Fabrics and textiles with floral or plant patterns can immediately change the temperature of a room. You can bring balance and harmony to your mood with the smallest of natural accents.

Collect Things that Make You Happy

Whether it’s faux fur throws or fleece blankets, pillar candles or floating candles, get together all of your favorite cozy things.  Do you have fond memories of your childhood and keepsakes you cherish? Get them out and display them. Don’t hide them away in storage. Whatever brings your happiness from within is what you should have within reach. It could include that book you’ve been meaning to read but never had the time to start. Start it. Create cozy nooks in each room, if you can, so you have a spot to hang out in get your hygge on.

Friends and Family and Pets

Don’t wait until a birthday or holiday to call your friends and family over to your home. Hygge is all about surrounding yourself with warmth and love, even in the form of your favorite people and animals. Curl up with your pet under your favorite goose-down comforter. Or crowd the couch with your friends on the couch and exchange stories over some fresh-popped popcorn.

Warmth in a Cup

Whether it’s freshly popped popcorn or cookies straight out of the oven, or a delicious stew that simmered in your crockpot since morning, hygge would approve of washing them down with some tummy-warming drinks. You can go with a rich hot chocolate or even add a bit of white rum to your cup of herbal tea, whatever feels right. And if you have the time and patience, heat up some of your favorite red wine in a pan with some sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg, and you’ve got your very own mulled wine!

There’s no point in complaining about the cold when you can embrace the hygge! What are your favorite ways to get cozy and warm during the cold winter months? Let us know in the comments below!

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