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Will New Windows Save You Money in The Long Run?

Will New Windows Save You Money In The Long Run?

There are many different designs and styles for windows available today. Manufacturers have been designing windows that have excellent features that can help you save time and money. You’ll probably agree that these features can be lifesaving for homeowners trying to reduce their energy and maintenance costs. Here are reasons why you should consider replacing your windows.

Energy Savings

One of the benefits of replacement windows is that you can save a lot in terms of heating and cooling costs. Manufacturers are now designing windows with excellent features that can help homeowners save a considerable amount of money.

You can find replacement windows that are double or triple paned. This makes insulation so efficient that if you touch the pane on a cold day, it may not feel cold. In between the panel, there may be a noble gas such as argon which improves insulation and reduces draft. Newer windows may be glazed to reduce heat gain during summer. If all other factors remain constant, replacing windows can reduce the cost of cooling and heating your home by a third.

Reduce Maintenance Work

You can install new windows that will make maintenance work easier. Traditional windows have wooden frames that need to be sanded, primed and refinished to keep rot and mold at bay. Aluminum panels are easier to maintain but are not very energy efficient. Other options such as vinyl and fiberglass are better options. Fiberglass is one of the materials that are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. It is strong, durable, and can mimic the look of wooden frames.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning windows can be time-consuming. Some homeowners opt to hire the services of a window cleaner. The cost of these services can range from $25 per hour and up to more than $100. If you need your windows cleaned often it may be more cost-effective in the long term to replace your windows. Here are some of the different styles that are easier to clean.

  • Venting Windows: They were designed to provide added ventilation. They have a sash that moves along the top and bottom of the window to provide just enough room for ventilation. This design makes it easier to clean on both sides.
  • Rotating Windows: This is an old classic European style. It consists of a pane that revolves around a central axis. It makes it easy to clean both sides of the window. It also enhances the ambiance of the room.
  • Sliding Windows: Modern sliding windows have a different design compared to older designs and can be moved from both sides making easier to clean.

Value of Your Home

New windows can increase the value of your home allowing you to recoup your investment when you sell the house. There are other important benefits that will appeal to home buyers.

  • Home Security: Replacement windows can have better locking mechanisms.
  • Visual Appeal: New cleaner well-maintained windows will encourage visual interest that boosts curb appeal.
  • Sound Reduction: High-quality panes have noise reduction features that make your home more comfortable.

Before embarking on any renovation, ensure that you understand the energy performance ratings for windows. Make a point of choosing your location and climate.

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