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Window Treatments: Let the Sun Shine in or Don’t


As school season approaches, our minds turn toward the upcoming festivities. Obviously, we’re talking about choosing new window treatments that will take you from long, lazy, hazy summer days into the crispness of early fall nights. Deciding on new window treatments can be overwhelming, but don’t worry: we’ve got you covered (see what we did there?).

Different Types of Window Treatments

Your choice of window treatments will heavily depend on your personal decor taste, lifestyle needs, and budget. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to you:


The first choice, if you want to keep out the light and provide a bit of extra insulation, a window treatment involving heavy drapes, can give a room a touch of the luxury, while also saving you money on heating and cooling bills! But heavy fabric isn’t your only option when it comes to drapes. Make a room look more ethereal and bright by choosing drapes made out of a sheer material that lets the sun in—lighter drapes are also good for layering over blinds to give the benefits of blinds with the softer appearance of fine drapes. Drapes look best in a cozy home, with a lot of comfy pillows on the couch. Drapes also offer you many options when it comes to color so they can be easily coordinated with existing decor.




If you want to block out the direct sun rays while still letting some light in, blinds might be the perfect choice for you. Either horizontal or vertical, blinds offer an efficient and functional look, while helping keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Available in many colors, in aluminum or vinyl, blinds are a good fit with a modern home, since they can add for visual interest but they don’t distract from your gorgeous furniture or well-curated décor selection.

Blinds are the window treatment version of a well-made, classic pair of shoes: they’ll coordinate with most decor styles and really pull the room together, but they’ll rarely rise to the level of an accent piece. Blinds are cost-effective and are for those who prize functionality and efficient design. With that being said, blinds may not be the best choice for older homes with a lot of rich accents and heavy wood finishes; they might look a bit out of place.


Probably the most well-known window treatment for keeping out the weather, and maybe the first window treatment (predating curtains and drapes by centuries), shutters can be fixed to the inside of windows or the outside. Outside shutters are made of more durable materials and are sometimes attached in a way that doesn’t allow them to be opened; they have to be removed entirely. Interior shutters are made of a variety of materials in a variety of styles: they can be wood, faux wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, decorative glass, nearly anything! Choosing shutters for your window treatment is a bold, fashionable move that indicates a strong sense of style. They go well in Insta-worthy kitchens and bedrooms that are decorated with fairy lights in a mason jar.


Whether you want something sleek and efficient or something grand and elegant—Windows Floors & Décor is where you’ll find it. Contact our interior design professionals today and set up a personal consultation to put together window treatments you’ll love!

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