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Honeycomb Shades

The ultimate classic window treatment, honeycomb shades offer your home softly diffused light, insulation, and energy savings. Also known as cellular shades, you really can’t wrong with this easy-to-use, heat-trapping window shade.

Save On Your Energy Costs

One of the main reasons a homeowner might consider honeycomb window shades is for their energy-efficiency. In fact, that was the whole reason they were created in the first place! Essentially, the honeycomb design traps air flow, acting as an insulator so that you can conserve heat in the wintertime and block the heat from the sun in the summertime. Look for a metallized core to maximize your energy-retention efforts.

Cords or No Cords?

Honeycombs have the option to be cordless if you so desire! Some newer designs are mechanized, so you won’t have to worry about a tangled mess of cords around your windows. That means no more mischievous kiddos tugging at your shades, no more pets getting tangled up, and no more accidentally sucking them up with the vacuum.

Honeycomb Fabric Choices

Depending on the look and feel you want for your window shades, honeycombs come in a couple of different options. You can choose from completely sheer to opaque, depending on the amount of privacy you want in the room. And since they’re made of fabric, they’re easy to clean with just a vacuum!

Are Honeycomb Shades Right For You?

Easy to install and ideal for the eco-conscious homeowner, honeycomb shades offer a simple design for effortless light control and cost-saving efficiency. Interested in adding them to your Kansas City home?


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