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Roman Shades for Kansas City Homes

Roman Shades | Kansas City | Windows Floors & Decor

Roman shades are not only elegantly gorgeous—this type of shade offers a plethora of advantages for the Kansas City homeowner. Any interior designer will tell you that this style of window treatment forms a beautiful union of form and function.

Why Choose Roman Shades?

The basic design of Roman shades—fabric that stacks up evenly when opened—is timeless. With luxurious folds that are effective at blocking out light and retaining heat, the Roman shade offers a clean and tailored look to any room.

Fabric Selection

Roman shades come in a  wide variety of fabrics to express the unique look you want for the room. From lush prints to woven textures, there’s a design and material for any style. And whether you want to softly diffuse the light into your kitchen or block it out completely, we can help you make the right choice for the aesthetic you desire.

Roman Shades - WIndows Floors & Decor | Kansas City
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